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  • This is the 2nd episode where Phoebe has a speaking role, flirting with Coop as usual.
  • More importantly, this is the 1st episode where Phoebe makes a reaction to Kat. She calls him Mr. Kitty on purpose to insult him, and later on, acts creeped out by him because he has no fur. Kat ends up replacing Honeyfluff's fur spray with liquid cement, making Honeyfluff unable to move and humiliating Phoebe in front of the audience. Phoebe's shocked to discover that even after the stage collapsed, Honeyfluff still didn't move an inch to save herself.
  • Millie's father gets chosen as a judge, but rather than giving Millie more points, he judges her harder so that nobody thinks he's playing favorites.
  • This is the 2nd second where Coop and Kat work together, although Coop and Kat turn on each other in the end.
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