Dennis Chan (Albania)This user has the two-headed eagle as his/her guardian angel.
Coop Burtonburger (Andorra)This user comes from the only Catalan country in the world.
Millie Burtonburger (Armenia)This user worships Ararat and Aragats.
Lorne (Australia)This user shouts "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi!"
Coop Burtonburger (Austria)This user has the sound of music.
Dennis Chan (Belarus)This user likes to eat potato pancakes.
Fiona Munson (Belgium)This user likes to throw oranges.
Lorne (Benin)This user loves cotton.
{{Userbox/Bosnia and Herzegovina}}
Harley (Bosnia and Herzegovina)This user comes from the land where the Bosnians, Serbians and the Croatians meet.
Phoebe Del Oro (Brazil)This user likes to party.
Dennis Chan (Bulgaria)This user shakes his/her head for "yes" and nod for "nod"
{{Userbox/Burkina Faso}}
Millie Burtonburger (Burkina Faso)This user has Thomas Sankara as his/her friend.
Fiona Munson (Burundi)This user likes drumming.
Coop Burtonburger (Canada)This user says "Canada, eh?"
{{Userbox/Cape Verde}}
Fiona Munson (Cape Verde)This user loves the Morna.
{{Userbox/Central African Republic}}
Lorne (Central African Republic)This user is part of le Renaissance.
Dennis Chan (Comoros)This user has the world's largest seed.
Coop Burtonburger (Cyprus)This user comes from an island where the Greeks and Turkish meet each other.
{{Userbox/Czech Republic}}
Harley (Czech Republic)This user likes to drink beer a lot.
Dennis Chan (Denmark)This user builds Lego creations and sets.
Coop Burtonburger (Egypt)This user likes to build pyramids.
Millie Burtonburger (Finland)This user comes from the land of many lakes.
Phoebe Del Oro (France)#JeSuisFrançais
Coop Burtonburger (Ghana)This user comes from Africa's peaceful country.
Coop Burtonburger (Guatemala)This user comes from the land of the trees.
Dennis Chan (Germany)This user eats sausages a lot.
Millie Burtonburger (Greece)This user likes to break plates.
Phoebe Del Oro (Guinea)This user comes from the first French speaking African nation.
Fiona Munson (Guinea-Bissau)This user protects the Bijagós.
Harley (Iceland)I survived volcanic eruptions with the help of Sportacus, Stephanie and Robbie.
Fiona Munson (India)This user lives in the world's largest democracy.
Coop Burtonburger (Iran)Proud to be Iranian since 550 BC
Coop Burtonburger (Ireland)This user comes from the land where luck comes from.
Harley (Israel)The Holy Land is my place!
Millie Burtonburger (Italy & Vatican City)He or she keeps Renaissance alive.
Millie Burtonburger (Japan)This user is Techno senpai.
Fiona Munson (Kazakhstan)This user is a independent wanderer.
{{Userbox/North Korea}}
Lorne (North Korea)This user loves the Kim family.
{{Userbox/South Korea}}
Phoebe Del Oro (South Korea)This user dances the Gangnam Style.
Coop Burtonburger (Kyrgyzstan)This user has Manas as his or her lord and saviour.
Harley (Latvia)This user loves 3D holography.
Millie Burtonburger (Lesotho)This user wears a mokorotlo.
Phoebe Del Oro (Madagascar)This user likes to move it, move it.
Dennis Chan (Malawi)This user comes from the Warm Heart of Africa.
Coop Burtonburger (Malta)Proud to be a knight since 1964.
Fiona Munson (Moldova)This user loves the Numa Numa.
Lorne (Montenegro)This user comes from the black mountain.
Coop Burtonburger (Morocco)This user has honor as the most cherished possession.
Coop Burtonburger (Nauru)This user lives in the world's smallest independent republic.
Coop Burtonburger (Netherlands)This user is from the land of the tulips.
{{Userbox/New Zealand}}
Harley (New Zealand)This user says "Go Kiwis!"
Harley (Niger)This user comes from the frying fan of the world.
Fiona Munson (Norway)This user swims on fjords.
Coop Burtonburger (Philippines)This user is from paradise.
Fiona Munson (Poland)This user comes from the real dream world.
Coop Burtonburger (Romania)This user lives in the land beyond the forest.
Coop Burtonburger (Russia)This user can survive extremely cold and hot climates, even in day and night or in highest and lowest places, fight dangerous animals/people, do everyday tasks, drinks vodka (or any other substances), eat everything, run/walk across each of the 85 federal subjects (in other words, run/walk across the country), has a collection of weapons, do anything impossible and is a fan of Putin.
Coop Burtonburger (Samoa)This user is one of the happy people
{{Userbox/Sierra Leone}}
Coop Burtonburger (Sierra Leone)This user has the Cotton Tree as one of the most important symbols.
Phoebe Del Oro (Singapore)MAJULAH SINGAPURA!!!
Coop Burtonburger (Sweden)I'm Strong As Pipi Longstocking.
Kings (or Queens) Inspired Me.
Eating Cinnamon Buns.
Awesome Music.
Dennis Chan (Turkey)I will spill blood for Atatürk, my fellow people, my nation and my flag.
Phoebe Del Oro (Uganda)This user knows kung fu.
Millie Burtonburger (Ukraine)This user comes from the breadbasket of Europe.
{{Userbox/United Arab Emirates}}
Coop Burtonburger (United Arab Emirates)This user lives in the same place as the world's tallest skyscraper.
{{Userbox/United Kingdom}}
Fiona Munson (United Kingdom)This user likes to ride in a TARDIS.
{{Userbox/United States}}
Dennis Chan (United States of America)This user taste freedom.
Fiona Munson (Vietnam)This user loves to ride motorcycles.
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