Userboxes are templates that are designed to be added to a user's user page. To add userboxes to your user page, first you need the area to contain the userboxes in. This can be done by typing {{userboxes}} and {{userboxesend}}. Doing so will produce this:


You can also customize the way the table looks by going to the template page.

Next, select userboxes from the following list and add them to the page. They must be placed between {{userboxes}} and {{userboxesend}}. All userboxes use the base userbox template, which you can see for information on creating userboxes.

Adding userboxes

To add a userbox to your user page, simply find it in the links below and then copy the code onto your user page. For example, placing {{Pastime EditsWiki}} on your user page will add this to it:

KvkThis user edits the Kid vs Kat All The Time.

Whoever visits your user page will see that infobox on it.


  • Show - Userboxes about the show!
  • Miscellaneous - Miscellaneous userboxes that don't fit anywhere else.
  • Languages - Userboxes indicating what language you speak.
  • Wiki - Userboxes about the Kid Vs Kat Wiki.
  • Humour - Userboxes that shows you understand the good humour.
  • Locations- Userboxes indicating your current residence.
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