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Image Name Upside Dowside
200px-CoopHQmasteredmate.png Coop Burtonburger
  • Kid vs Kat Main character
  • To easy for leader
  • Can't Attack
  • Hard to Voice
250px-Deramon_b.jpg Deramon
  • Has a crown
  • Can Attack
  • Easy to Voice
  • to many digimon


Type of Graphics for the show.
225px-Kid_Vs_Kat_1-1_%287%29.png 225px-Sc659_0096F.jpg


Episode 1 Plot - A Pilots Error

Marcus is seen > Backstory to Kat and Silver > Meet Marcus > Meet Kudamon > Marcus escapes the prison cell > Silver Voice > Learn that Marcus is in Space > Meet Silver >Control Ship > Take Back > Emotional Part > Happy Ending

Image Name Job Marcus Human
Kudamon_%282006_anime%29_t.gif Kudamon Digimon - Silver Friend Silver Drives the Ship
Reppamon_b.jpg Reppamon Used in Escape Scene

Episode 2 Plot - Calling for Danger

Arrive at New area > Kudamon Attack > Hospital > Marcus Escapes > meet locals > get into trouble > meet leader > Marcus near death > Cloaked Figure appears > Marcus escapes again > run to water front > Kudamon Emotional speech > leader lets Marcus stay > walk off with a back view of 2 Cloaked Figures back > End

Image Name Job
***Vote*** Leader
Gabumon_t.gif Gabumon Leaders Assistance Psychemon Leaders Assistance
60px-Ed.1.png 60px-Eddy.jpg 60px-Edd.1.png Ed, Edd n Eddy Hospital Worker
Gomamon_t.gif Gomamon Local
200px-503Samurott.png Samurott Bad Guy at Waterfront Excadrillian This isn't the way he will look, he will look more crazy, Excadrillian is a Evil Pokemon, that is crazy, he will appear as the monster in the pits fighting marcus, he will say "Excadrillian" very crazy like.

Episode 3 Plot - Digging Deep

Image Name Job
Armadillomon_t.gif Armadillomon Mine Owner
180px-Digmon_t.gif Drill Suit used on Marcus
  • Suit could turn evil
  • you see how the suit works
200px-Doryuuzu2.png Excadrill Expert Driller *Excadrill will remove his skin for once
150px-Prairiemon_b.jpg Prairiemon Claws *Only his claws will be used, as a tool for markus

Ideas For later Off Focus Episodes

One Piercing Note

Notes from Dream

Image Name Idea
156px-Azulongmon_b.jpg Azulongmon Missing a orb
156px-493Arceus.png Arceus Stole orb and plays the Piercing Note

Ponys Are't Just For Show

  • This episode will have characters from "My Little Pony" and will be set in PonyVille.


In here, and below, i keep my ideas for the show, these may be in the show later, as soon as we get a idea for them :)

Dophinmon Elecmon GranDracmon_b.jpg
Dark Ozoark GranDracmon
Gazimon_b.jpg Lekismon_b.png

Gazimon Lekismon


Floramon Watchog



Design Notes

  • For Moving the mouths they move in 3 Frames: Like This Image
  • Sometimes there still Images but they zoom in.

Image Notes

Animation Frames


Silver Ship






Other Digimon

Heroes and Villains

Kudamon, the hero and Silver will be in Epiosde 1, the others are Betas.



Other Stuff

Ideas For Later

Frame Movement TwitterShare

Wiki To do list 2012

Task Note Completed?
Add new Images to Leader Boord get images that fit the category 20px-X_mark.svg.png
Update the Kid vs Kat Answer Wiki Need a Theme and Style, that not the same as the main wiki. 20px-Yes_check.svg.png
Fix up the Old Pages Fix the the old pages on wiki, so they can be used. 20px-X_mark.svg.png

Wiki Spotlight Project

To Do List Number Of Pages Completed?
Stub or Delete ShortPages 220 20px-Yes_check.svg.png
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