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Hey everyone! I'm a 13 year old boy who is a huge fan of Kid vs. Kat, and have just started making edits to this wiki!

 My Favourites And Least Favourites

Favorite character: Fiona

Most hated character: Mr. Cheeks

Favorite episodes by season:

Season 1

  1. The Kitty Vanishes
  2. Fat Kat
  3. Kid vs. Kat vs. Christmas
  4. Storm Drained
  5. Cookie D'Uh

Season 2

  1. Birthday Bashed
  2. Mind Games
  3. Kat of Diamonds
  4. It's In The Bag
  5. Keep On Rockin'

Most disappointing episodes - these are ones that sounded cool but really weren't:

Season 1

  1. Kat Whisperer
  2. Let the Games Begin
  3. Storm Drained
  4. Pet Peeved
  5. Buzz Off!

Season 2

  1. Board Kat
  2. You Kat See Me
  3. The Kat Went Back (P2 only)
  4. Coop D'Etat
  5. Kat to the Future

4 Characters Who NEED To Appear More Often:

  1. Fiona
  2. Miss Brannigan
  3. Dr. K
  4. Mr. Gerber

4 Overrated Characters Who Make Too Many Appearances:

  1. Mr. Cheeks
  2. Old Lady Munson
  3. Lorne/Harley (I'm only listing them together because they're practically never seen alone
  4. Phoebe
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