aka Joshua Bailey

  • I live in Brampton, Ontario
  • I was born on December 5
  • I am Male
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Hi :D

I am Joshua Bailey, and I like Kid vs. Kat, but there's are some things that I don't like.



  • Kat
  • Old Lady Munson
  • Burt not believing Coop about Kat.
  • Millie's crying and being spoiled.
  • Kat getting Coop into trouble.
  • Old Lady Munson separated Coop and Fiona.
  • Old Lady Munson talking trash about Coop and Burt.
  • Munson blames Coop for everything.
  • Old Lady Munson being mean to Fiona for being with Coop, even though she likes Coop.
  • Kat making Coop look bad in front of Fiona
  • Old Lady Munson sending Fiona away. 

Favourite characters

  • Coop Burtonburger
  • Burt Burtonburger
  • Millie Burtonburger
  • Dennis
  • Fiona
  • Phoebe
  • Growler

Non-Favourite characters

  • Kat
  • Old Lady Munson
  • Lorne
  • Harley

My favourite episodes

  • Let the Games Begin
  • Something About Fiona
  • Never Cry Sheep
  • Trespassers Will Be Persecuted

Non-favourite episodes


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