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My favourite pages


  • Coop stopping Kat's evil plans
  • Coop and Dennis stopping Kat
  • Coop falls in love with Fiona
  • Fiona being with Coop
  • Coop and Burt's relationship
  • Fiona and Coop being together
  • Coop kissing Fiona, and Fiona trying to kiss him back
  • Coop and Fiona stopping Kat's plans
  • Phoebe kissing Coop


  • Kat getting Coop in trouble
  • Millie calls Coop nasty
  • Burt disregards his son's claims about Kat's true identity
  • Millie framing Coop for eating the greenie girl cookies.
  • Old Lady Munson punishing Coop for things he didn't do.
  • Fiona being sent away
  • Old Lady Munson being ruthless towards Fiona
  • Old Lady Munson not letting Fiona being with Coop
  • Miss Brannigan gets mad at Coop
  • Burt scolding his son for things that Coop didn't do.

non-like episodes

  • Nuff Said


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