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Hi, I am "Coop+Kat". I live in the province of Quebec in Canada and I have now 29 years old (there is no age to love something). I speak French and I speak English, but I find it easier to understand than to speak.

I know and I love Kid Vs Kat since the winter of 2009 and I'll love it as long as it exists.

My favorite character is Mr. Kat, and I hope that one day (perhaps at the end of the show) he and "Coop" will get along and perhaps even become good friends.

Me on the wiki

I'm very active on the "Kid vs. Kat wiki" (every day to be exact). I like to add new pictures and videos on my pages in "Image Shop".

Me on Youtube

Want to see all shorts or episodes of season 1 and 2 in english and french? Come subscribe to my channel (mick290491)

And I have my Video Games Channel. Come take a look, new videos every day: and my Website:

Me on Facebook

You can find me on Facebook here:

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