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Kid vs. Kat - Season 3 Ideas (By: Chansep2009)

301 - Kid vs. Komputer / The Snowflake Fake

Kid vs. Komputer: Dad buys a new computer, but when Kat messes it up, it goes malfuntion and battles Coop.

The Snowflake Fake: Kat gets trapped in a snowflake, and he finds out that the snowflake is a rocket that will explode, so Kat must find a way to get out of the snowflake rocket before its too late. Meanwhile, Coop, Dennis, and Fiona enter a snowboarding contest, and they compete against each other. They have to snowboard down the biggest hill in Bootsville in a certain amount of time, and whoever gets less wins a huge prize.

302 - Friendship Ending / I (Heart) Kat

Friendship Ending: Coop and Dennis get into a huge fight, and Dennis decides to move on and find a new friend. So now Coop feels left out, so Coop makes a person out of Kat's machine, which doesen't go so well. Coop realizes he needs Dennis' help to fight Kat

I (Heart) Kat: Coop and Kat decide they should stop fighting and become friends, but bad things start happening to Millie, so Dennis must get Coop and Kat to become enemies again.

303 - The Sun, The Sea, And The Kat? / Liar! Liar! Your Kat's On Fire

The Sun, The Sea, And The Kat?: Coop goes to the beach so he can chill out and relax, but Kat decides follow him, to make sure Coop gets into a lot of trouble, so Coop and Kat get pushed into a sailboat, and now are stuck at sea, so now Coop and Kat must work together to get back to Bootsville.

Liar! Liar! Your Kat's On Fire: Coop and Kat fight and Kat then gets an injury, or did he? Kat has everyone fooled that his leg is injured and everyone helps out Kat. When Coop notices that Kat has been walking around. Coop then tries to figure out a plan to get everyone to see Kat is not really hurt.

304 - Lucky Pants / Pussy Kat

Lucky Pants: Coop gets new pants that bring him luck, now Kat has to get rid of them in order for Coop not to have good luck anymore; Dennis enters into a live radio contest.

Pussy Kat: Coop makes it look as if Kat is weak in front of everyone.

305 - Zero To Hero / Evil Coop

Zero To Hero: Coop is tired of everyone not believing him about Kat, so he decides to run away. Now the town is in big trouble, now Coop is the only one to save the town from an alien invasion; Dennis has to try and get Coop back.

Evil Coop: Kat finds a way to morph himself into Coop while Coop is away, but then after, Kat's plan backfires as Coop morphes himself into Kat to give Kat revenge.

306 - The Invisible Kitty / Fortune Cookie

The Invisible Kitty: Kat makes himself invisible knowing it is easier to get the fishy frisky bits. Millie hasn't noticed that Kat is gone and Kat believes nobody cares anymore that he's gone, so Coop feels bad, and convinces Kat that everyone cares about him because he's special to Millie and everyone else.

Fortune Cookie: Coop gets a fortune cookie saying "Your enemy will defeat you!". Coop then becomes nervous and afraid that Kat will destroy him. He then sets up alot of traps in his room and is too afraid to go outside, even Kat is getting bored without Coop around. It's up to Dennis to try and get Coop to come out because without Coop around, Kat is making everyone's lives bad.

307 - Inside Coop / The Shivered

Inside Coop: Kat programs his collar to make him smaller. He then plans to go inside Coop to plant a bomb inside him. When Kat goes inside Coop, he gets stuck inside him and now he must abort his mission and try to get outside of Coop before he gets digested.

The Shivered: Mr. Cheeks comes back for revenge and decides to ship Coop and Kat off to Canada, so now Coop and Kat get stranded in the woods of Canada. Now Coop and Kat have to get back to Bootsville before it's too late, and to get rid of Mr. Cheeks; Dennis tries to find Coop and has problems.

308 - Weapon of Mass Destruction / Dance Off

Weapon of Mass Destruction: Coop finds out Kat's true weakeness, so now Kat must find out Coop's true weakness to get even.

Dance Off: Coop enters in a dance contest going against a bully. The winner wins 2 movie tickets to the new Captain Blasteroid movie for him and Dennis to see; Kat tries everything he can to make Coop lose the contest. Will Coop win?

309 - Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover / Man On The Moon

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover: Coop has a book report due soon, and Kat makes a ray gun that can trap Coop inside the book but Kat accidentally traps himself and Coop inside the book, so now they must work together to get outside of the book.

Man On The Moon: Kat makes a rocket that could take him home to visit his family for a few days. Coop wants to avoid choirs and he hides in the rocket. Kat forgot to put in all the fuel, and now Coop and Kat are stuck on the moon. So now Coop and Kat have to work together to get back to Earth.

310 - Feline Time, Parts One & Two

Feline Time Part 1: Kat builds a time machine so he can go back to the time where Coop was never born so Kat can re-create his plans that Coop destroyed, but the time machine breaks down, so now Kat has to fix it. Otherwise, he'll get stuck in the past forever.

Feline Time Part 2: Kat tries to fix the time machine, but there are a bunch of monsters trying to attack him, so Kat must fight in order to fix the time machine. Can Kat fix the time machine, and get back to the present before it's too late?

311 - Payback Time! / Stranded In The Blizzard

Payback Time!: Coop ships Kat off onto a train to Mexico while he is asleep, so now Kat must find his way back to Bootsville, so he can get revenge on Coop, and before its too late.

Stranded In The Blizzard: Kat puts Coop into a box, and ships him off to Alaska which it is very cold, so now Coop is stranded and must find his way back to Bootsville before he freezes to death.

312 - Downhill / Bearworm

Downhill: It's winter time, and Coop wants to snowboard on the biggest hill of all time, and Dad doesn't want him too, but Coop defies Dad as he goes on the biggest hill, and now Kat sets up a bunch of deadly cat traps, so Coop can get injured. Can he survive the traps?

Bearworm: Kat tries to turn Coop into a worm, but Kat's plan backfires, as Coop dodges the ray gun, and it reflects back to Kat, turning Kat into a worm. So, Kat must turn himself back to an alien cat.

313 - Paradise Kat / The Micro-Phone

Paradise Kat: Kat plots to turn Bootsville into a giant beach, and Coop tries to stop Kat, but Kat launches Coop into outer space to keep him out of the way, so now Coop must get back to Earth to stop Kat. In case he can't get back in time, Dennis comes to the rescue.

The Micro-Phone: When Coop gets one of Kat's transmitters stuck in his ear, his hearing become super sensitive, now Kat's going to use every noise in the house to torture his enemy, but the ultimate weapon is a super huge microphone that Kat built.

314 - Kat See, Coop Do / Kat Has Rabies

Kat See, Coop Do: After a hit in the head, Coop loses his memory, so Kat now sees the opportunity to make Coop into his servant. Will Coop get his memory back, or is his memory lost forever? Will Dennis try to get Coop to remember everything ?

Kat Has Rabies: Coop tricks Dad and Millie into thinking that Kat has rabies so that they get rid of him; Dennis tries to get the newest Captain Blasteroid toy, but he has to get there right away.

315 - Come Back Old Lady Munson / Who Needs A New Pet?

Come Back Old Lady Munson: Old Lady Munson has had enough with Coop and Kat destroying her yard. She decides to move and everything seems great, but the new neighbor Betty. Betty is much worse then Old Lady Munson, because she hates Coop and loves Kat. Now Coop, Dennis, and Fiona have to make Betty want to move and get Old Lady Munson back, but Kat gets in the way.

Who Needs A New Pet?: Coop feels left out and wants to show Dad that he can be responsible. So Coop gets a new pet named Silver, who is Kat's brother!

316 - Captured To Kat Nebula / Let There Be Peace On Earth

Captured To Kat Nebula: Coop gets captured from Kat's boss, and he sends Coop to Kat Nebula, and Coop gets trapped there. Will Coop be able to escape, will Kat save Coop, or will Coop be trapped there forever?

Let There Be Peace on Earth: Coop and Kat make a peace treaty on earth, now how long will it last when Kat sends Coop to Kat Nebula?

317 - Great Hunting / Tourism Island

Great Hunting: Coop goes into the woods to go camp and wants to be alone for a while, so Coop decides to go hunt for some Elk and Bison, but a big giant black bear tries to hunt Coop down, so Kat actually has feelings and goes to save Coop.

Tourism Island: Kat pushes Coop onto a raft, and the raft takes Coop to an enchanted island, so now Coop must find ways to survive and he must find ways to get back home before it's too late.

318 - The Secret Of Coop's Success / Coopsville

The Secret Of Coop's Success: Coop tries to make it look as if Kat pulls pranks on people so that people would hate Kat. It worked. People hate Kat and want to chase him out of Bootsville. So Kat decides to leave Bootsville forever. Coop is happy, but then in the end, Coop feels left out and is really sad that Kat is gone, and doesn't feel the same without Kat. So now Coop searches Kat everywhere. Will Coop find Kat?

Coopsville: Kat builds a machine that lets him be in charge, but when he accidentally shoots it into Coop, everyone is in charge of Coop and he gets crowned "Mayor of Bootsville". So now Kat must find the antidote to get the potion out of Coop.

319 - Kat Saves The Day, Parts One & Two

Kat Saves The Day Part 1: Coop and Kat get pushed into a time machine, and suddenly go back to the past, as if nobody was ever born for the worse.

Kat Saves The Day Part 2: Coop and Kat are stuck in the past, when the time machine breaks down. So they must find a way to fix it, and fight the dinosaurs. Can Coop and Kat get back to the present before it's too late?

320 - Battles Going Into Space, Parts One & Two

Battles Going Into Space Part 1: Kat's brother Katay, will try to destroy Earth. So Coop and Kat fly to Kat Nebula to stop Katay.

Battles Going Into Space Part 2: Coop and Kat try to stop Katay, but then Katay launches Coop and Kat onto another planet, so now Coop and Kat must get back to space in order to stop Katay. Can Coop and Kat stop Katay from destroying Earth?

321 - Fiona vs. Kat / Tick Tock, You'll Be Blocked

Fiona vs. Kat: The Burtonburger's go on vacation and ask Fiona if she can keep an eye on Kat for the weekend. Will she survive after she forgot that Kat's an evil alien?

Tick Tock, You'll Be Blocked: Coop's alarm is broken, and he is late, but when Coop runs to school, he trips into Kat's portal, and is now trapped in the computer. Can he get out of the computer and try to contact Dennis before Kat blocks it?

322 - Found Memories / Love Position

Found Memories: Coop finds Fiona's memories, so now he must shoot them back into Fiona, before Kat gets his claws on them; Millie, Dad, and Dennis have a pie-eating contest.

Love Position: Kat makes a love potion that will make his girlfriend fall in love with him, but when Fiona accidentally gets the potion inside of her, she is now in love with Kat, and Kat is in love with her. Can Coop find the right antitode before it's too late?

323 - Giant Friendship / Bad Luck Kat

Giant Friendship: Kat finds a way to make himself grow bigger, so he can squash Coop. Can Coop beat Kat at his own game?

Bad Luck Kat: After having a bad day, Coop finds a 4 leaf clover that gives him good luck, and Kat bad luck. Kat turns the tables on Coop by building a machine that makes him have good luck and Coop bad luck. The machine soon goes out of control, so Coop and Kat must work together to get everything back to normal.

324 - Quit For Your Life / Strange Voices

Quit For Your Life: Kat is getting tired of always losing to Coop, so he quits fighting with Coop, but when Kat Kommander sends a new "Kat" to take Kat's place, Coop gets more miserable. So Coop tries to make Kat his enemy again.

Strange Voices: Kat creates a voice changing machine to change Coop's voice tone to make Coop look bad in front of everyone, but something goes wrong while Coop goes after Kat, and Kat goes after Coop. Coop kicks his football to destroy the machine, but Coop's football hits the button and the machine shoots Coop and Kat. Now the machine is broken. So now Coop and Kat have very strange voices. Dennis must find out how to fix the machine and change their voices back to normal before it's too late.

325 - One Of A Kind / Coop, Watch Out!

One Of A Kind: Kat soon finds out that he's adopted, so he flies to Kat Nebula to find his real parents.

Coop, Watch Out!: Coop is having a bad day, and he believes that this day he has bad luck. After Kat understands this. Will Coop survive? Dennis tries everything he can to protect Coop from Kat.

326 - More Than A Kat / Mission Impossible

More Than A Kat: Kat soon understands that he can't stop Coop with the power he has, so he drinks a potion that gives him new powers, but everything goes wrong when the new powers get out of control. How will Kat get rid of the powers?

Mission Impossible: The Kat Kommander orders Kat to build a satellite machine to signal the Kat invasion that the Kat Kommander set up, but Coop and Dennis have to stop Kat and destroy the machine before it's too late.

327 - Kat Robbers / Kat's Family

Kat Robbers: Strange robbers are happening in Bootsville's Mall, and Coop thinks that Kat has something to do with them.

Kat's Family: Kat's family wants to visit him, so now Coop wants to make Kat look bad in front of his family.

328 - Bad Kat, Gone Good? / Sundae On Sunday

Bad Kat, Gone Good?: Kat is being nice to Coop all of a sudden, and he didn't make any machine... Is this a part of his plan or has he become a good kat?

Sundae On Sunday: Kat tries a chocolate sundae, now he's obsessed and wants to turn Bootsville into a giant sundae. Can Coop stop him?

329 - Long Time, Long Visit / Give Me The Kat!

Long Time, Long Visit: Coop's cousin, Max, visits. Max is very popular and steals Coop away from Dennis making Dennis really furious and jealous. Now Coop has to deal with Kat and Max, but can he?

Give Me The Kat!: Coop must watch Kat for the weekend, with the help of Dennis, but they accidentally turn Kat into a stuffed animal and before they can make Kat an "alien-cat" again, they must save him from... Phoebe.

330 - Super Boy / What's In The Box?

Super Boy: Kat turns himself into a super villain so he can steal from Bootsville parts to build his new machine, but Coop disguises himself as a super boy so he can save Bootsville but now everyone wants to know who super boy is.

What's In The Box?: When Kat wants to send something to the Kat Kommander, Coop must find out what it is.

331 - Unexpected Visit / Catch That Sataelite!

Unexpected Visit: Kat is sleeping, then there is a bright star and it crashes and lands in the forest and the ground rumbles and Kat wakes up in a shock and he goes to the forest and sees a big comet which he know it's a spaceship, then the door opens up and it's Dr. K (Kat's Girlfriend).

Catch That Satalite!: The new episode of Captain Blasteroid is about to start, but Kat sends the TV satellite to Kat Nebula. Coop has to bring it back to the orbit of Earth before his favorite show starts.

332 - Little Little Kitty / Come From The Sky

Little Little Kitty: Kat's little cousin Kitty comes to visit Kat, but soon Kat finds that Kitty likes Coop.

Come From The Sky: Kat sends Coop away in a hot air balloon all the way up in the sky, so Coop must find a way to get back to Bootsville.

333 - Boy Or Girl? / Give Me "K" for Kat

Boy Or Girl?: Kat switches Coop and Fiona's gender, so now Coop's a girl and Fiona's a boy. So now Kat and Dennis must find a way to make Coop a boy and Fiona a girl again.

Give Me "K" for Kat: Fiona wants to be a cheerleader, so she tries for Bootsville's cheerleading team, but Kat will do anything to make Fiona look bad. Can Coop stop Kat from humilliating Fiona in front of everyone?

334 - Don't Drink That Coffee / Big Old Unhappy Family

Don't Drink That Coffee: Coop must watch Kat for a day, but Kat accidentally drinks a cup of coffee, so now he is super energetic and starts destroying the house. Coop has to calm down Kat before it's too late.

Big Old Unhappy Family: Old Lady Munson has big family problems, so Coop and Dennis want to find out why and with who.

335 - Grab That Cereal / Too Big, Now Too Small

Grab That Cereal: Coop wants to buy the new Captain Blasteroid cereal, but Kat will do everything to stop him.

Too Big, Now Too Small: Coop drinks a potion that makes him go small and then big! Can Dennis find the right antitode before Kat hides it?

336 - Happy Flight / Fish Trouble

Happy Flight: The Burtonburger's and Dennis are going to Sweden for a vacation on a plane, but Kat doesn't want the plane to land in Sweden.

Fish Trouble: Kat gets attacked with a fish by Coop, so now Kat wants to destroy all the fish in Bootsville, including Coop.

337 - Love That Falls Down / Race For The Fame

Love That Falls Down: Kat is so obsessed with destroying Coop, so he forgets Dr K's birthday! She's very mad at him. Kat is very sad, so Coop feels bad and tries to save Kat's relationship.

Race For The Fame: Coop is in a skateboard contest, and he has to race against another person from another town, but Kat will do everything he can to make Coop lose the contest.

338 - Fiona Breaks Out / Kat-Cano!

Fiona Breaks Out: Fiona comes to visit Coop at his house, and the two have a cup of tea, but Kat puts a potion into Fiona's tea, and it makes her break out and get all kinds of zits and pimples. So, she finds out it's Kat, and she and Coop plan to get revenge on him.

Kat-Cano!: Kat builds a volcano, that is going to erupt and it will harm the whole world, so Coop must stop Kat, and stop the volcano from erupting.

339 - Two Girls, One Coop, And 100 Kats / I Bet On It

Two Girls, One Coop, And 100 Kats: Phoebe and Fiona are fighting on who to be Coop's girlfriend, so Coop has to pick who to be his girlfriend. At the same time Kat clones himself to 100 Kats to defeat Coop, but they start to not obey Kat and are going to destroy Bootsville. Now Coop and Kat have to save Bootsville together without anyone knowing that Kat's an alien.

I Bet On It: Coop bets Dad one day he won't think about Kat, so that means he can't stop him, but will he win after he sees that Kat's building something big?

340 - Who's My Sister? / True Legend

Who's My Sister?: Kat plots to clone Coop, but he accidentally clones Millie and one of the Millie's is evil. Can Coop and Kat find out who the evil Millie is and get rid of her before she destroys them?

True Legend: Kat commander gets news from a Kat news reporter, and finds that there's a boy with the initials C.B. that will destroy Kat Nebula, and the planet will disappear. Kat tells Kat Kommander that Coop has those initials, so Kat Kommander sends Earth robots to destroy Coop. How will Coop save himself, and stop Kat Kommander from destroying him?

341 - Coop and Dennis, Partners In Crime / Shoplifting

Coop, A Partner In Crime: A burglar breaks into the Burtonburger's house, so Coop and Dennis go looking all over Bootsville to find out who did it, but Kat is determined to stop them from finding the burglar.

Shoplifting: Kat accuses Coop of stealing a captain blasteroid helmet from the coupon mart. How will Coop clear his name, and stop Kat to whatever he's up to?

342 - Kat's Bodyguard / Coop And Kat vs. Mr. Cheeks (Series Finale)

Kat's Bodyguard: Kat finds a robot that wants to protect him from everything and all harm. So, Kat sees this as an opportunity for the robot to protect Kat from Coop, but when the robot goes out of control, Coop and Kat must work together to destroy the robot.

Coop And Kat vs. Mr. Cheeks: Mr. Cheeks returns, and wants to get revenge on Coop and Kat, so, he sends both of them to different dimensions. He sends Coop to outer space, and sends Kat to the desert. How will Coop and Kat find each other, and stop Mr. Cheeks?

Season 3 Petition!

Hey everyone, Chansep2009 here, and I have a petition for a Season 3 you KvK fans can sign your signatures on. Just go to:

So if you really want to bring KvK back for a third season, then sign your signature. Then once the website gets enough signatures, I will email it to YTV and Disney XD, and show them how much fans love and support KvK, plus that KvK deserves a third and final season. So please sign your name if you truly care about KvK! =)

Kid vs. Kat Movie Idea

Hey guys, so I was thinking that if YTV & Disney XD can't make a third season, then they should at least make a Kid vs. Kat Movie to rap the series up. Here's my idea: The movie could be called "Slaves", and the plot is: Kat builds a device, that makes everyone his slaves. So, now everyone in the whole world is Kat's slave, and Coop escapes it. Coop is the only one who can save everyone, stop Kat, and stop the Kat invasion. How will he do it?

That was my movie idea and I hope you guys like it, please comment below, tell me what you think of it. I also think Fiona should be in the Kid vs. Kat Movie, and should get her memory back about Kat being an evil alien. Then, Coop has to save Millie, Dad, Dennis, Fiona, and everyone else from the Kat invasion.

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