About me

I'm just some random 17 year old. I recently rediscovered this show after not seeing it for several years and I've become sort of a fan of it... It's just a shame that the fanbase isn't very big.

Anyhoo, this isn't a place to go off on a tangent about why this show never got the popularity it deserved, it's about me. I discovered this show back in 2009 when Toon Disney made the transition to Disney XD. As much as that transition was terrible, this show kinda stuck out to me above the other acquired programming, and it managed to keep my interest for the whole 2 and a half years it was airing.

Would I bring it back?... Probably not actually, it was going in a direction I didn't quite like with season 2, as much as I still found enjoyment in it.

My Video Games: Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life, Portal, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot,

Youtubers I Mainly Follow: iDubbbz, I Hate Everything, JonTron, Pyrocynical, Philip DeFranco, PeanutButterGamer, Etika/EWNetwork, SomeOrdinaryGamers, Cr1tikal, Vinesauce, H3H3, ColossalisCrazy,

Favorite Characters (Because Why Not)

  1. Coop - He's pretty lovable honestly, and it's hard not to feel bad for him on his worst days.
  2. Phoebe - She seems to be very sweet despite having a slight spoiled side to her, and even helped Coop out a few times before Fiona's introduction.
  3. Millie - Yeah, I'm guessing not alot of people care for her considering that she can be annoying, but I think at heart she really does care about Coop.
  4. Burt
  5. Dennis

Least Favorite Characters

  1. Lorne and Harley -- They act like they're Coop's friends 40% of the time yet bully him the other 60%. Either Coop doesn't hold grudges or he's repressing his deep, thirsty urge to deck one of them in the face. I know they were leveling off near the end of the show but that still doesn't excuse their behavior. Seriously, I see Phoebe get hate yet... not these two? I mean say what you will, but her intentions aren't to make Coop's life worse.
  2. Ms. Munson -- To be honest, she's basically just Squidward if he were an old lady and his personality were taking to huge extremities... not to mention the lack of his charm and wit. Seriously, I don't understand why she's so hateful towards Coop and Burt. She can be funny I'll admit but that's all she has going for her
  3. Fiona -- Blatant Mary Sue archetype, never liked her. I know this isn't the most popular opinion but... well, I can't really help that lol


Coop and Phoebe

Yep, this isn't a popular opinion at all. In fact, these two can probably be considered a rare pair.

I might have to go more in-depth as to why I actually ship these two, especially since I think this will definitely cause a few Fiona fans to get their knickers in a twist, but tl;dr I always thought Coop and Phoebe were cuter together, and I've always thought Fiona was just a dull Mary-Sue archetype that instead of creating her the writers should've went further developing Phoebe's character beyond just loving Coop, which they had done a few times before... and it's really saddening that within this small fanbase there aren't even that many fanworks depicting the two of them. Only found one fanfiction that actually explicitly involves them in any romantic context.

The in-depth explanation[1]

Dennis and Estelle

Yeah, I'm kind of a fan of the 'obsessively in-love' trope. Like Phoebe, I really wish they were able to expand on Estelle further as a character.

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