Tutankitty in Curse of Tutankitty's Tomb
Full name


First appearance

Curse of Tutankitty's Tomb

Played by

Kathleen Barr

Tutankitty appeared in Egypt a long time ago; legend has it that his arrival cursed the land with misfortune.

The Pharaoh (Coop's ancestor) wanted to banish Tutankitty (Kat's ancestor) but could not because he was under the protection of the Princess (Millie Burtonburger's ancestor). However, the Pharaoh realized Tutankitty's main goal was to conquer Egypt, so he defeated Tutankitty and locked him away in his tomb. Unfortunately, the legend also states, as demonstrated in "Curse of Tutankitty's Tomb", that one day Tutankitty's tomb will be opened again and he will seek revenge upon the world. This is Tutankitty's Curse). If you are a believer of foreshadowing, you might realize that what is happening in Kid vs Kat is almost similar to what happened in Egypt 2100 years ago. Coop is constantly fighting Kat and Millie keeps trying to protect Kat from Coop. Since the final outcome of what occurred between Tuttankitty and the Pharaoh was him trying to stop Tutankitty from conquering Egypt, who's not to say that what occurred 2100 years ago MIGHT not happen once again!


  • Him being trapped in his tomb for 2100 years seems to imply that catnipians have very long life spans and can survive without eating, or that Tutankitty's tomb had merely kept him and his soldiers from aging.

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