The turtle girl is an unnamed classmate of Coop with blue eyes, freckles and a ponytail of red hair. She holds a Pet turtle in Kat Whisperer, where she also has a speaking role.


Aside from her mother, in Hack Kattack she is shown watching TV with a brunette girl and man although she might just have been visiting a friend.

In the same episode what appeared to be her mother is instead sitting with a freckled orange-haired boy and his father with the moustache and glasses named in that crime recap episode.

Later in the episode she and her mom reunite outdoors watching a big screen though, their previous companions absent.

In Flea Brains prior to being mind-controlled her mom is seen working as a waitress in a diner serving coffee to a cop


It is unknown who provides her voice.

Season 1

Dire Education

Trick or Threat

She is dressed as a skeleton and runs past a Dalek.

Kat Whisperer

Bend It Like Burtonburger

Blasteroid Blues

is companion to Charlene

You Kat See Me

Seen in Coop's class when he says Kat shredded his homework.

Season 2

Hot Dog Day

Seen standing by her mom when Burt mentions his nightmare, later apart after Coop passes test.

Her mom is shown chasing Alex and also when Kat pictures Coop being chased.

Kat to the Future

Prior to these depictions of her cheerleading with Charlene and a brunette cheerleader she is also seen playing the soccer game too.

Rhymes with Coop

You Scream, I Scream

She falls while chasing Todd and is dragged off by a boy.

Coop D'Etat

She is sitting to Dennis' right in Mrs. Munson's class

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