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Todd Kronklin (initially called the Curly Swirl dude by Lorne and Curly Swirl kid by Coop) is a guy selling ice
cream early in You Scream, I Scream.

Closed captions describe him as having a "hyena laugh".

Dennis calls him "master of the quad wedgie" and "sadistic supersonic soda soaker"

Coop calls him "destroyer of skateboards" and calls him "Kronklin" while confronting him. He is called Burtonbooger in return.
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Todd as a bully kid

Harley says he's a teen-ager.

Kid-vs-kat-16-c orig
Coop dreamed of paying back at Todd so he plans some traps and he blocks his road with a net throwing him off his ice cream cart and he ends up getting a wedige on a tree branch.

Coop takes the ice cream cart where Kat puts the potato nuke in under Bootsville Hill and it explodes and it starts raining ice cream everywhere and also wrecking Todd's cart.

In the end, After Todd was defeated, he was pedal his cart with the kids eating ice cream and laughing much for Coop and Dennis' excitement.

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