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Tnavbar (meaning template navigation bar) is used to add navigational functionality to templates. This includes adding link to the template, its talk page, and a quick link to the edit the template.


  • {{tnavbar|{{subst:PAGENAME}}|mini=1}}
  • {{tnavbar|{{subst:PAGENAME}}|plain=1}}
  • {{tnavbar|{{subst:PAGENAME}}|miniv=1}}
  • {{tnavbar|{{subst:PAGENAME}}|viewplain=1}}
  • {{tnavbar|{{subst:PAGENAME}}|fontcolor=green}}

The {{subst:PAGENAME}} will be substituted with the template's name when parsed by the servers.


{{tnavbar|Name of Template|style= |mini= |fontcolor= |fontstyle=}}

Required parameters

  • {{tnavbar|Name of Template}} the template name is required.

Optional parameters

Options Parameters Produces...
Normal {{tnavbar|Template Name}}
This box: view  talk  edit
No "This box:" text. {{tnavbar|Template Name|plain=1}}
view  talk  edit
For a color option. {{tnavbar|Template Name|fontcolor=color}}
This box: view  talk  edit
Makes Tnavbar display in a mini version: {{tnavbar|Template Name|mini=1}}
v  d  e
View only
For a simpler access option. {{tnavbar|Template Name|miniv=1}}
For a full simpler access option. {{tnavbar|Template Name|viewplain=1}}


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