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Full name


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Fat Kat

Played by

Aleska Daina

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The Bottyguard

The Spybot (also called space bot by Dennis and alien bot by Coop in The Botty Guard) is a robot designed to ensure Kat is doing his job, and at the same time serves as a communication device that Kat's leader can use to communicate with his employee.It can talk.

It is seen in the Season 2 episode "Tickled Pink" where, upon seeing Kat's tickle spots being found, it sends a video file to his home planet. Later in the episode, it is a part of the robot. In the season 2 episode "The Bottyguard". He protects Coop, and has the ability to talk in human language.

It is also seen in "Blasteroid Blues", where it alerted the Kat Kommander, about Captain Blasteroid attacking a cat monster which let Kat's boss with a fear of Coop. Unknown who created him it may been the leader of Mr. Kat



Coop calls it good boy, showing he views it as male.


  • It the second alien to officially talk other then Kat, the first being Mr Cheeks.
  • It sounds like a male version of the GLaDOS in the game portal .

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