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==Season 3==
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! style="background:#00BFFF" width="10%"|Screenshot
! width="370" style="background:#00BFFF"|Title
! width="155" style="background:#00BFFF"|Original airdate
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|rowspan="2"|[[Image:S15 - Unknown.png|200px]] || '''[[Unkown]]''' || TBA ||align="center"| 27
== Specials ==
== Specials ==
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{| class="wikitable" Width="100%"
! style="background:#C5E4E1" width="10%"|Screenshot
! style="background:#FF4040" width="10%"|Screenshot
! width="370" style="background:#C5E4E1"|Title
! width="370" style="background:#FF4040"|Title
! width="155" style="background:#C5E4E1"|Original Airdate
! width="155" style="background:#FF4040"|Original Airdate
! width="80" style="background:#C5E4E1"|Special #
! width="80" style="background:#FF4040"|Special #
|rowspan="2" width="10%"|[[Image:Kat_dan.png|200px]] || '''Kat's Dance''' || Unknown ||align="center"| SP1
|rowspan="2" width="10%"|[[Image:Kat_dan.png|200px]] || '''Kat's Dance''' || Unknown ||align="center"| SP1

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Type YouTube Providers
Season 1 Shorts and Season 2 Shorts. (HD - High Definition) Mick290491
Season 1 Shorts and Season 2 Shorts. (HQ - High Quality) KidvsKatRocks34
Season 1 Shorts and Season 2 Shorts. (HQ - High Quality) Chansep2009

Season 1

Screenshot Title Original airdate Short #
S1 - All Washed Up All Washed Up November 4, 2007 1
Coop and Kat are causing trouble when they are bathing. (Watch)
Kid Vs Kat 1-S2 (1) Catboy Update April 18, 2009 2
Kat disturbs Coop as he tries to clean the backyard, while Lorn and Harley are interviewing Coop. (Watch)
Kid Vs Kat 1-S3 (1) Dental Damage April 18, 2009 3
Coop and Kat are causing trouble when they are at the dentist's. (Watch)
S1 - Don&#039;t Toy With Me! Don't Toy With Me November 8, 2009 4
When the Burtonburgers go to the toy store, Coop and Kat are fighting and destroying everything. (Watch)
Kid Vs Kat 1-S5 (1) Extra Special Delivery May 8, 2010 5
When the baseball ball ends up on Phoebe's house, Coop goes to catch it, and Kat tries to disturb him while Phoebe and Honey Fluff have a crush on them. (Watch)
S1 - Fishy Frisky Bitty Kitty Fishy Frisky Bitty Kitty May 8, 2010 6
The new Fishy Frisky Bitty Kitty Snacks make Kat daydream and destroy everything in the house. (Watch)
Kid Vs Kat 1-S7 (1) Fumblebee May 8, 2010 7
Kat tries to destroy a bee who won't leave him alone. (Watch)
Kid Vs Kat 1-S8 (1) Kaponk! May 8, 2010 8
Coop are trying to beat his record on the paddle ball, but Kat are trying to sabotages Coop. (Watch)
Kid Vs Kat 1-S9 (1) Movie Mayhem May 8, 2010 9
Kat are disturbing Coop when he are watching a film of Captain Blasteroid. (Watch)
Kid Vs Kat 1-S10 (1) Pasta Disasta May 8, 2010 10
Coop and Kat start a "food fight" on the Italian restaurant. (Watch)
Kid Vs Kat 1-S11 (1) Run Coop Run May 8, 2010 11
Coop and Dennis are trying to get rid of an explosive soccer ball made by Kat. (Watch)
Kid Vs Kat 1-S12 (1) Sky High Dive May 8, 2010 12
Kat put a rubbery goo on the diving board of Phoebe's pool and makes Coop goes sky high. (Watch)
Kid Vs Kat 1-S13 (1) Slap Shots May 8, 2010 13
Kat are persecuting Coop and Dennis to destroy them, after they play hockey. (Watch)

Season 2

Screenshot Title Original airdate #
S15 - Whiskering Heights Whiskering Heights January 25, 2011 14
When Kat gets stuck in a tree, Old Lady Munson helps Millie get Kat to come down. (Watch)
S14 - Laser Guided Furball Laser Guided Furball January 25, 2011 15
Kat distracts Honeyfluff with a laser, and this makes Coop be attacked by Phoebe's cat. (Watch)
S14 - Geriatric Joust Geriatric Joust January 27, 2011 16
Coop and Kat start a joust at Bootsville's asylum. (Watch)
S14 - A Squirrel Wind Adventure A Squirrel Wind Adventure January 27, 2011 17
When Kat attacks a squirrel wind, all the squirrels attack Kat with nuts to revenge. (Watch)
Short 19 - Catboy Catboy February 7, 2011 18
Lorn and Harley rock-out in a music for a tribute of the fight of Coop vs. Kat. (Watch)
S2 - Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Itty Bitty Kitty Committee February 17, 2011 19
Coop discovers the skin Kat has shed, so, catnipian termites leaves of a cocoon by Kat, after broken by Coop. (Watch)
S2 - Boy Meats Grill Boy Meats Grill February 23, 2011 20

Burt teaches Coop how to barbecue, but Kat starts a fight with the meat. (Watch)

S2 - Boys Vs. Bus Boys Vs. Bus March 14, 2011 21

A wild chase ensues when Lorne and Harley miss the school bus - again. (Watch)

S2 - Come Wail Away Come Wail Away March 28, 2011 22

An annoying bagpipes music for humans is hypnotizing cats and making them fall in love. (Watch)

S2 - Katnapped! Katnapped! April 25, 2011 23

Coop goes into Kat's brain to mess with Kat's dreams, but it's a big nightmare for Coop. (Watch)

S2 - Lions And Tigers And Kat... Oh My! Lions And Tigers And Kat... Oh My! May 16, 2011 24

Kat gets up close and personal with the exhibits on a family trip to the zoo. (Watch)

S2 - Pretty Kitty Pretty Kitty May 23, 2011 25

When the Burtonburgers take Kat to the Pet Groomer, all of them get a makeover. (Watch)

S2 - You And Whose Armour You And Whose Armour? June 28, 2011 26

Coop finds an old washer machine, and he decides to go inside of it, so he can have armor and protect himself from being attacked by Kat, or any other harm. (Watch)

Season 3

Screenshot Title Original airdate #
200px Unkown TBA 27


Screenshot Title Original Airdate Special #
200px Kat's Dance Unknown SP1

When Kat is not trying to destroy Coop, or build some new-fangled device, he's working on his new dance, the Frisky Kitty!

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