Munson Residence

Kid Vs Kat 1-2-2 (101)
Munson Residence is Old Lady Munson's house. In her yard she has garden gnomes. She keeps the gnomes away from the Burtonburgers (except Millie). If Coop and Burt go to the Munson Residence, Munson yells, "BURTONBURGER!"

Dennis' house

Dennis house
Main article: Dennis' house


The Restaurant has been seen in the short Pasta Disasta.


This is seen in Rhymes with Coop in Season 2.
Bootsville Beach


Kid Vs Kat O1 (19)
First seen in the intro. (2008-2009)

Kid Vs Kat 1-7-2 (37)
Main article: Kat's scratching post lair


The Burtonburgers' House

Main article: The Burtonburger's House

Coop and Dennis' Treehouse

Main article: Coop and Dennis' Treehouse

The Pet Clinic

Main article: The Pet Clinic


That is the School Where Coop, Millie, Dennis, Lorne, Harley go but not Fiona

House of Swap

Main article: House of Swap

The Dolar Store

Main article: Colossal Coupon Mart


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First seen in "Curse of Tutankitty's Tomb" in Season 1.
Main article: Bootsville Museum

Stakeboard Park

Kid Vs Kat O2 (19)
Seen in the Second series of the intro. (2010-2011)

Henry’s store

Kid Vs Kat 2-35-2 (91)
Main article: Henry’s store seen in 9 to 5 to Oblivion

Lorne and Haley's Nest in the Sewers

Kid Vs Kat 2-35-1 (122)
Seen in Down the Drain

Coop and Dennis' Ice Palace

Kid Vs Kat 1-12-2 (99)
Seen in Play N'Ice

Mission Control in Old Lady Munson's House

Kid Vs Kat 1-22-2 (133)

Seen in Outer Space Case

Monster Truck Rally

Kid Vs Kat 2-27-2 (237)
Seen in Tickled Pink

Aunt Beatrix's House

Kid Vs Kat 2-28-2 (97)
Seen in Menace the Dennis
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