Phoebe's father is the father of Phoebe. She calls him Papi, a Spanish equivalent of "Daddy".

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Phoebe's Father

He first appears in Swap Wrecked when he and his daughter get one of Kat's inventions.

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In Never Cry Sheep he pulls up in a limo to remind her of her pony-combing class. He says he is the owner of vast sheep holdings, and when Kat begins abducting sheep, the news reporter on TV for the Late Late News report says they disappeared from the Marino del Oro (meaning "Navy Gold" or "gold mariner" in Spanish, wrongly spelled Merin Del Oro in closed captions) ranch, with Papi demanding the return of his flock.

Coop later abbreviates the name to "the Del Oro ranch", which has led to fan speculation that this portion of the ranch's name may be related to the surname of Phoebe or her Papi.


Like his daughter he has brown eyes and black eyebrows.

His moustache and hair are greenish-brown, like Phoebe in season 2, although Phoebe had black hair in season 1.

He wears a dark blue tie and green vest over a long-sleeved white dress shirt with light-blue collar and cuffs.


It is unknown who voices him.

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