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  • This is the fourth time Dennis is absent.
  • This is the first episode where Kat tries to save Millie's life (proving that he loves her). When she almost gets hit by a falling heavy object meant for Coop, Kat screams and jumps towards her. However, since Coop was also jumping towards her, this resulted in Kat getting flung towards the wall and injured. At the end of the episode, he's seen covered in bandages limping around on one leg. Since Coop's not grounded for a month in the next episode and Kat's no longer injured, it's safe to assume that a month passed between this episode and Happy Campers.
  • When Kat tries to use a vacuum-blender machine to suck up Coop after he's injured, Millie sees the machine, and says, " Oooooh! What does this do? " after picking him up. This is never mentioned again.
  • Kat poisons the cupcakes that Burt was going to eat, just to freak Coop out and scare him into leaving his corner and getting in trouble. It's pretty shocking (and facepalm-inducing to some viewers) that Kat would risk Millie and her beloved father getting killed just to get Coop in trouble and scare him. He doesn't really think ahead.
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