Mr. Kitten
Mr. Kitten
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Mr. Kitten

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Rebel with a Claw

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The Kat Went Back Part Two

Mr Kitten Rock's!

Mr Kitten play's Air quitar

Mr. Kitten (name is unknown, referred to as Junior in closed captions or sweetest itty bitty little kitty by Millie, creepy little guy by Coop and little Kat by Dennis, described as son of Kat Kommander in episode summary) is the secret prince of the planet Catnip. When Kat first saw him, he had no clue who he was until the Kat Kommander said he was his son. In Catnipian years, he is a teenager.

Mr Kitten

When Mr. Kitten escaped to Earth, he stole the keys to the ship from Kat Kommander. Kat is ordered to send him back because Mr. Kitten is a careless and dangerous cat. Luckily, at the end Mr. Kitten was launched back into orbit, although he managed to get back to the Cat Nebula. He is truely the son of the Kat Kommander. Later, he adopted Lorne and Harley as pets and he wanted to go with them , but his father stop him


He is rude to his dad, blowing a raspberry at him. He loves to party with other cats. He's a rebel who loves rock music, so he has a "guitar" device in his body. He also has ambitions to start a cat army like Kat. He does not like humans, especially Millie, just like Kat hates Coop. He became friends with Lorne and Harley as they all love carnage.


He has a collar that looks a lot like Kat's, but is a little different. It seems Mr. Kitten's collar is more advanced then Kat's collar. Mr. Kitten also wears shoes showing the cats on Kat Nebula wear clothing.
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Mr Kitten in his Home with Kat Kommander.

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