Lorne the Movie Maker
Full name

Lorne Carnage ...

First appearance

Night Of The Zombie Kat

Played by

Kathleen Barr

Last appearance

The Kat Went Back Part Two

Lorne is one of the tritagonist on the show. He is not seen in every episode, but when he is seen he is usually doing something to carry the plot across. He probably wants to be a cinematographer, due to the fact that he has a camera on him most of the time and likes filming Coop  fighting with Kat ; he has so much footage of Coop  fighting  Kat that he wants to create his own TV show called "The Crazy CatBoy Channel".He is one of them who went to Kat home planet. There they met Mr Kitten who was like him,loves carnage!



Lorne likes extreme sports and embarrassing other kids, especially Coop  and Like Coop , he too loves Captain Blasteroid and he loves using any electronic device like his video camera which he borrows from his dad.

Lorne believes that it is uncool to be smart therefore he gets low grades in school and picks on some of the other kids. He appears to be the bully of the show, but in some episodes he does help Coop  and the others.



His brother is Harley, a red-haired kid who wears a hat over his eyes.Henry helps Lorne film his TV show.

Coop Burtonburger

Some people view Lorne as a bully but others see him as an acquaintance of Coop  due to the fact that he is usually seen around Coop  in the episodes. Lorne does not know that Kat  is an alien, he just think  Coop has gone crazy, like most of the characters on the show. He call Coop Catboy.


He has a pet chicken called Cacciatore.

Mr. Kitten

Mr. Kitten keeps them as pets and they get along great

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