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40-1 - Keep On Rockin'
Season №: 2
Season episode №: 14A
Overall episode №: 79
Prod. no. 215
Original airdate: March 12, 2011
Director Rob Boutilier, Josh Mepham
Written by Ben Joseph
Storyboard: Todd K. Demong
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"Keep On Rockin'" is the 40th episode of Kid vs. Kat and the 14th episode of Season 2. It aired on March 12, 2011, with It's In The Bag.

Plot Summary

Coop's grandparents visit, so Dad buys them rocking chairs hoping they'll settle down and take life easy. However, it turns out they are adventure junkies who accept that Kat is an alien and help their grandson stop Kat’s crazy plan to blast a rocking chair factory into the sun. Dennis spends the whole episode relaxing and not thinking about Kat after their last kat-plan explosion and taking Dad's idea.

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