Kat Nebulans
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Kat Nebulans

Species Name

Kat Nebulans


Highly-evolved sphinx cats


Humans (maybe), Alien Hamsters

Kat Nebulans are similar to Earth's Egyptian sphinx cats, but they are smarter, faster and stronger than regular cats. They have much more advanced technology than humans and several different powers. They are also smaller than other cats.


  • super strength.
  • super speed
  • x-ray vision
  • heat ray and heat vision
  • steel, bladed claws
  • expendable tail
  • super intelligence
  • acid spit
  • powerful fangs
  • ability to mold into any shape
  • zero-G (their collars possess the ability to make things levitate)
  • force fields (their collars allow them to produce force fields)
  • remote control devices (their collars can act like a remote control for any piece of technology)
  • the ability to survive in space
  • the ability to write with their claws
  • the ability to make their mouths bigger
    Catnipians 4
  • invulnerability from all explosions
  • resistance to electrocution
  • ability to consume dangerous chemicals (Kat consumes a small dose of rocket fuel in It's A Rocket Man)
  • electrification
  • night vision
    Catnipians 2


  • catlike spacecraft
  • collars
  • laser weapons
  • computers
  • headphone communication devices
  • robots
  • lasers
  • space suits

Known Kat Nebulans

Body of a Catnipian

  • cybernetic, hairless skin
  • three natural hearts
  • one mechanical stomach (which explains why he can eat so much)
  • two motherboards connected to two brains
  • mechanical left eye (unknown whether both of Kat's eyes are mechanical or not)
  • artificial claws


  • Contact from germs
  • They have been seen to be very aggressive and short tempered which make them attack without hesitation which often leads to failure
  • Dogs
  • Fatty foods
  • Loud noises (Ex: A violin played very poorly, as seen in "Stall That Jazz", AFTER Kat dislodged the device from his ear)
  • Fishy Frisky Bits (these distract Kat easily; Coop can use Kat's love of Fishy Frisky Bits AGAINST HIM, as demonstrated in "You'll Be Show Sorry".)
  • Sensitive eyes.


  • Dr. K/Kat's girlfriend is the only Kat nebulan that has shown the ability to speak English.
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