For canonical information about the planet this fan fiction is based on, see Kat Planet. A lot of what is written here is not properly sourced.

Kat Nebula is an extremely huge planet from the Andromeda Galaxy. It is inhabited by super powered alien cats or "Kat Nebulans". Some of their powers are strength and intelligence beyond human capacity. Kat is an alien cyborg that lived the Kat Planet but currently lives on Earth. It is mentioned on one episode, "Trick or Threat".

In The Kat Went Back Part 1, it is known that this planet is the Kat Nebulans' fifth planet they inhabit in ten years due to pollution to their last four planets. It is also known that they want to conquer Earth to add it to their empire.

It is under intense study by the scientists at NASA, because it baffles the world's scientists how a planet could possibly be that large, because it is the same size as the real-world hypergiant VY Canis Majoris.

It may be defined as a gas giant, because from orbit, it is pink, and the clouds look like Jupiter's, and there are massive artificial landmasses floating above the core of the possibly uninhabitable pseudo-gas giant. The cities contain massive and famous luxury resort districts, complete with large hotels, casinos and beaches. It's predicted that this planet will be disturbed from its orbit and collide with the solar system.


It has a yellow sky, four thin silver rings similar to Saturn's, and 100 moons. Its surroundings are gray deserts, it is covered with sprawling cities and metropolises, much like the ones on Earth except more high tech, larger and more luxurious.

The Catnipian leader lives in a building in the capital city. No organisms, other than the catnipians are known to live there, and it's unknown of the total size of their population. Thus, it's unknown how many suns it has, The most largest biome in the planet is seemingly a desert. Weird that the planet looks like pink or purple from space but it is light brown from the ground level.

It is also five trillion light-years away from Earth.

Cat Nebula 1

Kommander's Headquarters.

Cat Nebula 2

Kat Nebula's Jail.


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