Kat´s Kommander

future merge with The Kat Kommander

Kat´s Kommander (spelled Kat Commander in closed captions during the Bottyguard, called Kat's boss by Coop in Kickin' Butler) is the supreme ruler of Kat Nebula. He sent Agent 27B (Mr. Kat) to Earth for a secret mission of collecting Fishy Frisky Bits and to return to Kat Nebula for the promised title of hero.

First seen in "Fat Kat", he is shown in different episodes telling all the space Sphynx cats their missions. He usually behaves brutally and mean with Mr. Kat and doesn't usually realize others like Coop are spoiling their plans.


He is purple like all other Kat Nebulans has shown so far.


  • can shoot energy beams from his eyes, as seen:


He is a confident cat, but gets angry and throws tantrums when he's upset. When happy, he enjoys dancing, which was seen in Tickled Pink and Blasteroid Blues.


He has a rebellious son who Millie names Mr. Kitten, who loves carnage and destruction all around the planet Kat Nebula (Catnip) and Earth.


In the season 2 finale The Kat Went Back, he was going to punish Kat by working at the kitty litter mines until Kat attacks Coop. He saw him as a hero and he gives him a second chance and drops all charges on Kat. He can get mean and very angry when he doesn't get what he needs.


  • English: Frank Welker


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