Released: December 1, 2011
Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment
Data Size:153.1 MB

Kat Attack Logo
Based on the hit TV-Show; Kid vs. Kat: Kat Attack is a tower-defense game that pits Coop Burtonburger against the tricky space alien, Mr. Kat, who’s looking to make Coop’s life a real pain in the neck. With great cartoon graphics and simple gameplay, Kid vs. Kat: Kat Attack will entertain people of all ages!

The nefarious Kat Kommander and the devious Mr. Kat are plotting world domination, and only Coop and his best friend Dennis can stop the scheming cybernetic aliens! Armed with Laser Gnomes, Slime Hairball Guns, Tesla Towers, and even Mr. Cheeks, Coop must defend against waves of Mr. Kat’s robotic minions. Will Coop and Dennis be able to put a stop to Mr. Kat’s evil plans? Download Kid vs. Kat: Kat Attack and save the world today!


• Intense Tower-Defense action!
• Beautiful cartoon graphics with gorgeous animation!
• Simple yet intuitive touch controls!
• Humorous storyline presented by stunning cut-scenes!
• Striking visuals with funny music and sound effects straight from the show!

The Treehouse




  • Mr. Cheeks has a green Hamster ball in game, but in the episodes it's blue.
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