Kat seems to have some form of hydrophobia. Their planet doesn't have much, if any, water, Which implies that cats can survive with very limited hydration. Their planet's gravity is unknown but Kat can tolerate Earth's gravity and Coop had no problem with Kat Nebula`s Gravity, which would suggest they have similar gravity. Changing gravity is, as far as it is known, impossible even with Kat's tecnology.

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Little explanation for gravity

Kat's planet has enough oxygen to keep a human alive at ground level of their planet. But, kats can survive without oxygen for a long time. They can also survive Earth's oxygen content.

Kats are carnivores so they eat meat, and can also be omnivorous. Kats have many self-made abilities on their bodies such as lasers. Kats have hairless skin which could mean their main habitat is deserts, as hairless creatures survive longer in deserts' merciless storms and heat over 25°C - 60°C. Kats are, for unknown reasons, extremophiles who can survive in nearly any extreme conditions. Kat's cyborg body may be the reason to survive in extreme locations.

Scientific facts about Kat

  1. He has fear of water.
  2. He can survive in space.
  3. Kat is a cyborg, part organic, part mechanical.
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