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Kat's Nebulan soldiers are seen in some episodes such as "Kat To The Future Part 2", "Kat of Diamonds", and "Who's Haunting Who?". Some of Kat's Soldiers are ready to conquer planet Earth, but Coop stoped them. They are seemingly army of the planet Kat Nebula. Their mission was conquer Earth so kats could keep it as their own home planet inhabit it and then find more planets to conquer and inhabit.

There is two types of army in planet Kat Nebula.

-First is the big Kats. They have ability to spit acid and Shoot lasers. We saw in "The Kat Went Back" that then they are guards in jails and Kat Kommander's Hall. They use spears as weapons in guarding missions. They wear some kind of dark uniforms.

-Second is the smaller Kats with helmets, glowes and some kind of chestplates. They use laser-rifles and robodogs to scout, search and conquer. There is lots of this soldier type in Kat Nebula.

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