Some of Kat's technology include:

Not yet organized by timeline and still, some inventions are missing

Season 1 inventions

Boulder traps

Kat's first invention; is seen in "Let the Games Begin", where Coop is almost crushed by a huge boulder!. This was set up by Kat to crush Coop in return for blowing up his collar.

Kat later uses a boulder to assault a mentally impaired Coop in Me Coop, You Kat and while it hits, his neanderthal DNA makes him too hard-headed to seriously injure with it, only making him angry.

Coop collar

Kid Vs Kat 1-2-2 (78)
This is seen in the "Me-Oh Me-Oh Meow" episode; Kat, tired of his new collar, manages to get it off and then modifies it so it can torture Coop. Kat had become tired of his new collar telling him what to do all the time, so he did all he could to get it off; once he did, he figured it was the perfect opportunity to torture Coop with it. The collar is nothing more than a modified pet collar, the only difference is it now has a human. function in addition to dogs and cats.

Makeshift communicator

This is Kat's second invention; it is seen in the episode "Do Not Fort Sake Me" when Kat tries to communicate with his home planet. The device is made out of ordinary household items such as a cookie tray and metal tongs.

U.F.Float car

Kat's ufo
see U.F. Float (Car)

Wired Gnome

Wired gnome
In Dial "B" For Babysitter Kat modifies Old Lady Munson's garden gnome with some mechanical parts in order to send it to space. Kat's plan ends with success and we can see it floating in space with kind of beacon function enabled. It is possible that Kat tried to communicate with other Kat's or it contained retrievable reports from Earth.

Weather Changer

Weather changer
A machine created by Kat in "Storm Drained" used by him to tamper with the weather.

Portal opening machine

Portal machine
In "Beware The Were-Coop" Kat creates a machine that with using energy gathered from the moon opens a portal that transports everything to his home planet. Even if the machine exploded later, It was successfully utilized to send Fishy Frisky Bits back to his planet.

Modified leaf blower

Modified leaf blower
In "Catboy Update" Kat modified leaf blower, making it powerful enough to send Coop flying in the air.

Toy suit

In "Don't Toy With Me!" Kat creates a battle suit from toys.

Lawnmower turret

Lawn mower turret
In "Fumblebee" Kat installs some upgrades on the lawnmower, including big laser turret.

Claw sharpener

As seen in the episode "Nip/Duck", Kat built this to resharpen his claws after the Vet trimmed them down; this device is also made from everyday household items such as a blender, cheese grater and an orange juicer.


As seen in the episode "Search and De-Toy", Kat built this rocket in an attempt to send food back to his home planet; the rocket is made out of ordinary household products such as a blender and a food funnel.

Remote control

This is also seen in the episode "Search and De-Toy"; seeking revenge upon the RC Helicopter, Kat modifies a TV remote and turns it into a remote control for the RC Helicopter. Kat thought that Coop interfered with the rocket on purpose so he decided to take control of the RC Helicopter and crash it into Mrs. Munson's yard. This device is a modified TV remote; it is now able to pick up the RC Helicopter's frequency and wavelength.

Sleep formula

This is one of Kat's more advanced inventions; it is seen in the episode "Flu_The_Coop", to put Coop to sleep and keep him from covering Kat in his germs. The contents of the formula might be comprised of soothing ingredients or it could just be made of a very powerful sleeping agent found on Earth or Planet Catnip, the exact ingredients are never revealed.


Allergy Poison
In the episode the Allergy, Kat invented this to make Burt thinks he's allergic to Coop, made with hot sauce, powder pica, poison ivy, bottled pepper and onion.


In the episode "Just Me And Glue Kat changed the warrior Lord Megazurg to attack Coop. This backfires when it also targets Kat, so Coop and Mr. Kat work together to destroy it.

Modified pencil sharpener

Kid Vs Kat 1-8-1 (46)
In "How the Test Was Won", Kat fixes Coop's pencil sharpener to make it attack him by eating all the pencils and then spitting out all the erasers and metal parts.

Frisky Bits magnet

Electric machine
This was built by Kat in an episode to attract Fishy Frisky Bits but was later stolen by Coop.

Remote 2

Remote 2
In Hack Kattack, Kat "edits" Dennis remote control to make it go evil.

Face scrambler

Kid Vs Kat (302)
In "One Big, Happy Family", Kat creates a machine resembling a blender to mess up Coop's body, or "scramble his face". Coop soon figures out who made it, and detonated it. Somehow, when they get home, Kat manages to get it back. No one knows how he got it back, especially with Millie next to him 24/7!


Kid Vs Kat (296)
The most possibly deadly weapon, and almost eaten by Millie. In "One Big, Happy Family", Kat makes Millie cupcakes poisonous. This was probably a trap for Burt or a way to torture Coop since Burt told him to sit in the corner on an old bar stool and not move.

Family trap

Kid Vs Kat (301)
In "One Big, Happy Family" Kat makes a trap for Burt and or Coop since if Coop tried to save Burt, Coop would be grounded or if he was too late he would be grounded, but Millie took the bait and Coop rescued her and the tasty cupcakes and Coop was grounded.

Storage cell

Kid Vs Kat (333)
In "Play N'Ice" Kat has a secret cell where he hides all his cat food. The lock to his food cell is voice-activated. It was seemingly destroyed when it and the ice castle collapsed on themselves. However it did not collapse completely, destroyed ice castle remained on the surface, meaning that ground didn't break and contents of storage remained buried under ice.


Kid Vs Kat (278)
Kid Vs Kat (370)
Seen in "Planter's Warp" and The Grass is Always Meaner, respectively. The liquid can turn plants into monsters. Ingredients include ketchup, marshmallows, and Kat's hairballs. It also smells horrible to some humans. It makes grass grow over 7 feet tall.

Aircraft fuel

Kid Vs Kat (323)
In U.F. Float Kat has an idea to make the families U.F.O. float fly, so he can return home. So he makes proper fuel to go with it.


Kid Vs Kat (325)

Kat measuring the storage

Also in U.F. Float Kat turns a parade float into a different-looking spaceship to try and get home.

House of Doom

Kid Vs Kat (349)
In House of Scream Kat sabotages the Halloween fundraiser at House Of Swap by making many of the fake dangers into real ones.

Light blade

Flashlight laser blade
see flashlight laser blade

Rocket 2

Kid vs kat vs christmas part 1 0001

Rocket 2

Kat had made another rocket in Kid vs Kat vs Christmas, which was designed like Coop's Captain Blasteroid rocket but got electrified accidentally by Coop when he was connecting the wires for the Christmas lights.



Telescope, made of normal objects.

In It's a Rocket, Man, Kat made a telescope out of a glass cup, magnifying glass and Millie's glasses in order to see how the delivery pod with his weapons of doom were doing.


Kid Vs Kat 1-16-2 (8)
Seen in the episode Teed Off.


Kat makes this in Under Destruction.

Weapons of destruction

All weapons made by Kat in Under Destruction.

Missile launcher

A weapon of Kat used to buy Coop during Under Destruction

Ice ray

Ice ray

Kat made this in Under Destruction.


Flame thrower

Kat made this in Under Destruction.

Umbrella wave

A Weapon of Kat used by Coop in "Under Destruction".

Exporting teleporter

In "The Kitty Vanishes" Kat used this machine to send gifts of Valentine's Day from Earth to his girlfriend. It resembles a shower stall.

Season 2 inventions

Soccer net trap

Kat's soccer net in Something About Fiona
Kat makes this in Something about Fiona from Kat. This is one of Kat's pranking traps as he carved a football to make it only an image from a cardboard sheet.

Remote 3


remote control 3

In Flea Brains, Kat makes flea-sized mind control robots, and he builts this remote to control all of them.

Explosive soccer ball

Kid Vs Kat 1-S11 (9)
Kat makes an explosive soccer ball on the short Run Coop Run and reappears on Something about Fiona.

Brain swapping laser

Brain swapping machine
In "Board Kat" this laser fires at Coop and Kat swapping their brains.


The device created by Kat in "When Bad Dogs Go Big" and used by him to grow items.

Electricity collector

Electricity collector
Built-in "King of the Pipsqueaks" by Kat, it collects electricity from lightning in order to power up his robot.

Fangs for memories

Fangs for memories
Created by Kat in "Fangs for the Memories" to remove and keep the memory of any individual.

Quadruple rocket launcher

Kat keeps it in his inventory and uses it more than once. It fires homing missiles.

Rocking chair factory rockets

Rocking chair factory rockets
After destroying the interior of the rocking chair factory in "Keep On Rockin'" Kat attempts to send the whole building into the sun using powerful engines. It ends with a factory landing somewhere in the park.


In "Rebel with a Claw" Mr. Kitten uses explosives that Kat stored in his scratching post lair to threaten Burtonburgers. Kat defused them in end and probably keep them after. However, these could have been built on his planet, and Kat successfully received them somehow.

3D device

3D device
see Kat's 3D device

Invisibility formula

Invisibility formula
With this invention, Kat is able to make everything invisible, as we see in "You Kat See Me".

Laser Drill

Laser drill
Made by Kat in "Down the Drain", it simply creates a hole in every object on the path of the laser, it has an extremely long-range, laser shot went out of from Burtonburger's House and kept its trajectory through space.

Time travel machine

Time travel machine
Built by Kat in "Kat to the Future", later used by Coop to tamper with the timeline.


Kat used it in "It's In The Bag" to chase after Fishy Frisky Bits.

Flea robots

in "Flea Brains" Kat designs numerous brain controlling flea like nanobots to suppress and enslave the consciousness of an individual by burrowing through the earlobe straight to the mind. Afterwards, the cat can make him or her do anything he wishes them to via his new remote, a sonic blast however is shown to short out the bug thus dissolving the will bending effects.

Millie disguise

In Tickled Pink, Kat disguises Dennis as Millie using a squirrel, a dress and Millie's glasses.

Dehydrated milk

Kat Invention - Menace the Dennis
In Menace the Dennis, Kat makes a formula to change water to milk.

Rat ray

Kat Invention - Rat a Phooey!
Kat makes a laser that transforms humans in rats, in Rat a Phooey.


Kat Invention - Over the Radar
This appears in Tom-Kat Foolery and Over the Radar. Kat made millions of robot to use to prank everyone on April Fool's Day, It made pie dishes and a camera. Kat plays Coop's Voice on it.

Eclipse maker

Eclipse maker
see blackout device in Kat of Diamonds

Vaporizing lasers

Laser 1
Laser 2
Kat makes 2 advanced lasers in the episode Swap Wrecked.

Kat talc

It is seen in the short Katnapped and in Russian version catnapped episode is called in the dreams the kat.

It is a special powder made ​​by Mr. Kat for him. It is used by Coop to enter the dreams of Mr. Kat and ruin.

Cybernetic mind control

It is seen in It's All In Your Head. This invention is made by Kat. It has used to get a USB key with a super-secret data, to destroy anti-alien laser satellites. He performed it with Coop's unintentional help.

Importing teleporter

Maquina Teltrasportadora 3
Shown in episode "Rhymes with Coop", where Kat kommander tried to send rhymes to Earth to let Burt dispose of it because there was a crisis of rhymes on the Catnip.

Immigration teleporter

Novia Sr Gato
Seen in "Who's Haunting Who?", it is used to bring the army of Kat's to the Earth.

Modified control bot

830px-Kid Vs Kat Short - You And Whose Armour (35)
Kat made this in You And Whose Armour?

Robotic suit

Good Luck Harm Suit
Seen in Good Luck Harm. Kat has a blueprint of the suit, then Coop steals it in the middle of a hockey game but then Kat gets it back and puts all the good luck charms in the neighbourhood and puts it in the middle.

So it's partly a good luck charm.

Interplanetary TV receiver

Interplanetary TV receiver
It is shown in The Three Aarghs when Kat wanted to watch TV on his planet.

Steel strike weapons

Steel strike weapon
In "Swap Wrecked" Kat makes a steel propeller fan threat floats and destroys anything within its path.

Super Shoes

Kats super shoes
In "Amazing Feet of Strength" Kat made Coop's light speeds Super Shoes so he could easily find out how many people own either dogs or cats.

Telekinesis helmet

Telekinesis helmet
Kat made a helmet to move heavy objects for the construction of a robot in the episode Mind Games.
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