Kat used this feature to arrive on Earth in Let the Games Begin. However, this feature was destroyed when the collar blew up so he had to make manual teleporters.


This makes it impossible for Coop or anyone to get to Kat. This is shown when Old Lady Munson plays with Kats collar in "Dial "B" for Babysitter".

Tractor Beam


This allows Kat to move things and individuals easily. This is shown when Old Lady Munson plays with Kat's collar in "Dial "B" For Babysitter".

Remote Control


He can use it to control things he made. This is shown in "Dial "B" For Babysitter" in the opening scene where Kat is making some sort of device but fails.



His collar can make him invisible. It was shown in "The Grass is Always Meaner" towards the end of the episode. He achieved it by repairing some parts of collar However, this power soon disappeared once Kat got the collar wet by falling in Old Lady Munson's birdbath. It's possible that Kat is still able to restore it.

Communicator/Listening Transmitter


Kat's collar also has a built-in communication device and listening transmitter that lets him contact other Kats and communicate with them; this was first seen in the episode "Do Not Fort Sake Me" where Kat had only the communicator but not the listening transmitter. The listening transmitter was not seen until the episode "Stall That Jazz" where Kat got it lodged in his ear while communicating with a fellow Catnipian.

Holographic Portrait

Kat's Family

The collar has a detachable clip on it that holds portrates of Kat's Family.

Holographic Comunicator

Kid Vs Kat 1-21-2 (184)

Kat's collar also has the ability to talk to other Catnipians, most commonly his girlfriend.


Kat taking pictures
His collar also has built-in camera, as shown in "Who's Haunting Who?". This device was able to transfer taken pictures to hologram form.

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