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Humphrey Spoolman is a recurring character in the series. He is an elderly balding man with grey hair and 3 spots on the top of his head. He is short and walks with a cane. He wears glasses, and brown jacket over a yellow shirt with green pants.

He is called Humphrey by Mrs. Munson and revealed as a member of the Garden Gnome Appreciation Club when he appears in U.F. Float as she tells him to plant flowers closer together on their float.

He is called Mister Spoolman by Burt at the start of Drive-In Me Crazy when he tries to swap a popcorn machine at the House Of Swap. Burt asks this means he is getting a new one for the Bootsville Drive-In.

In You Scream, I Scream he is feeding what looks to be popcorn (probably from his theatre) to 3 birds while sitting on a bench. He is knocked off the bench (and probably unconscious, indicated by his pupils changing to Xs) by a barrel which shatters upon hitting the back of his head. It is not clear whether or not he survived this injury.

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