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13-1 - House Of Scream
Season №: 1
Season episode №: 12A
Overall episode №: 23
Prod. no. 113
Original airdate: May 2, 2009
Director Rob Boutilier, Josh Mepham
Written by Roger Fredericks
Storyboard: Jamie Leclaire
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"House of Scream" is the 12th episode of Kid vs. Kat and the 12th episode of Season 1. It aired on May 2, 2009 with Planter's Warp.

Plot Summary

Kat takes advantage of Dad turning the House of Swap into a horror funhouse by making all the traps real. Trouble is, as a guide Coop has no choice but to walk into each and every trap in the House of Horrors. Kat starts by encasing the chandelier in concrete, making it fall towards Coop (who's under the impression that it's attached to a string and will stop before crushing him). Phoebe screams and risks her life to save him, pushing him out of the way of certain death, and asks him in a panic if he's alright afterwards. When Dennis says that the chandelier was encased in concrete, not only does Coop believe him and get scared of what's next, but so does Phoebe, who becomes very uneasy about walking through the House of Horrors. She freaks out when Coop tells her that the spikes on the spiked walls closing in on them were made real, and when Coop saves everyone with Old Lady Munson's sideways umbrella, Phoebe says, " My hero! " and kisses him on the cheek. Kat tried to rig the electricity-shooting device to be real (endangering Burt's life in the process) but was annoyed when it failed to go off. Later, Coop paddles everyone through the lake on a boat, and finds out that Kat's filled the lake with deadly piranhas. He paddles the boat extremely quickly to escape the lake and smirks after Kat gets attacked by his own piranhas. In the end, everyone who was on the tour sees a severely injured Kat having a tea party with Millie, and finally gets scared (as well as impressed with the tour), ensuring that the tour was not a failure. Lorne, Harley,Phoebe, Coop and Dennis smile at seeing Kat groaning in pain, and everything goes back to normal.

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