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Full name

Henry Chan

First appearance

Happy Campers


"Up your face, Burtonburger!"

Played by

Vincent Tong

Last appearance

Who's Haunting Who?

Henry is Dennis' father. Unlike Dennis, Henry has an Asian accent. The initials on his suit imply his middle or last name to begin with "L" (likely Henry Lu based on scripts) however others think his name is Henry Chan. If Chan is not his surname then his wife, Dennis' Mom, may be where it comes from.

Henry is very tech-savvy and in almost every episode he is seen with a new piece of technology. He loves computers so much that he owns a computer cafe. He uses electronic device's all the time and often has modern technology to show off.

In U.F. Float his place of work is described by Burt as his internet cafe and small appliance repair shop.


Henry has ninja Suit initialed HL.

  • His last name seems to begin with the letter L.
  • Since Dennis's last name might be Chan (Dennis Lawrence Chan), some might assume Henry's last name is Chan, but his ninja suit says "L",
  • He could have adopted Dennis due to the different last names. However, according to Rob Boutilier, this is not true.
  • His surname may be Lu, as Dennis was named Dennis Lu in scripts, based on Denny Lu, the animation director


He and Dennis have the same head shape and skin tone, but Henry is almost bald.

He may be Asian-Canadian, source needed.

Dennis mentioned a relative in Hong Kong (China) but it is not clear which side of the family he was on.

The use of a ninja suit suggests a Japanese aspect to Henry's ancestry.




He frequently argues with Burt Burtonburger because they many things as competition.




  • Henry tries to teach Dennis that technology is everything, in contrast to Burt Burtonburger's granola-eating, tree-hugging ways that he teaches Coop. (Ex: in episode "Teed Off").
  • In 9 to 5 to Oblivion he reveals that he covers his ears when he uses the toilet (presumably while sitting down) when Dennis offers this as an excuse for why Coop was not responding to his shouts. Henry thought he was the only one who did this.
  • In Kid Vs Kat Vs Christmas Part 2, Dennis mentions that he does shopping online.