Harley The Movie Maker
Full name

Harley Doomsday

First appearance

Night Of The Zombie Kat

Played by

Richard Binsley

Last appearance

The Kat Went Back Part Two

Harley (nicknamed Harl) is one of the tritagonists, Lorne's younger brother, and also his best friend. Harley is the videographer of Lorne's internet show, although Lorne does film solo sometimes.

In Swap Wrecked he says his middle name is Doomsday and shows Coop an ID card which Coop inspects and says it is. The surname of he and his brother is not revealed though. They appear to have the same mother and father so it is probably the same.

Harley appears to be smarter then his brother, but he keeps the secret in fear of losing his best friend and gaining an enemy.

Harley appears to be friends with Coop and Millie, the only character so far in his class and/or grade.


  • Pulling strength: in the balloon ride in Birthday Bashed he is able to support the combined weight of himself, Lorne and Dennis with a singe arm
  • Pressing strength: in You Scream, I Scream he is strong enough to run while carrying Lorne and the uprooted tree they are tied to on his back.


He is 11 (turned 12 in Season 2) years old.


Harley has a green hat and has freckles on his cheek. It is unknown what under his hat; the "H" on his hat probably stands for "Harley". His eyes have never been seen.

Episode Appearances 

Season 1 

  1. Night of the Zombie Kat
  2. Do Not Fort Sake Me
  3. Cookie D'Uh
  4. Class Act
  5. Im Okay, Your'e a Kat
  6. Play N'Ice
  7. House of Scream
  8. Curse of Tuttankitty's Tomb
  9. Pet Peeved (non-speaking cameo)
  10. Storm Drained
  11. Something Fishy in Owl Lake
  12. Dire Education
  13. Crouching Cooper, Hidden Kat
  14. Tom-Kat Foolery
  15. In Dog We Trust
  16. Catch My Drift
  17. Suddenly Last Summer
  18. The Kitty Vanishes
  19. Capture the Kat
  20. Buzz Off!
  21. Kat Whisperer
  22. Bend it Like Burtonburger
  23. Trick or Threat
  24. Hack Kattack
  25. It's a Rocket, Man

Season 2 

  1. Something About Fiona
  2. Flea Brains
  3. Cheeks of Evil
  4. Reap It and Weep
  5. Blasteriod Blues
  6. Rat a Phooey
  7. Rhymes With Coop
  8. The Three Aarghs
  9. Kat to the Future Part 1
  10. Kat to the Future Part 2
  11. Down the Drain
  12. Rebel With a Claw
  13. Swap Wrecked
  14. It's in the Bag
  15. Down the Creek
  16. Turn the Other Cheeks
  17. Birthday Bashed
  18. Board Kat
  19. The Treasure of Sierra Munson
  20. Hot Dog Day
  21. Amazing Feet of Strength
  22. You Scream, I Scream
  23. Good Luck Harm
  24. Coop D'Etat
  25. Who's Haunting Who?
  26. The Kat Went Back Part 1
  27. The Kat Went Back Part 2


He is friends with coop and dennis but calls coop a catboy just like his brother lorne

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