Gnome Village

living gnomes built a village.

Many different garden gnomes are owned by Old Lady Munson, some of whom she refers to by name. In King of the Pipsqueaks, her gnomes were alive and decided that Coop will be their new King becouse he had a cone stuck on his head. Those gnomes wanted to invade earth so they could get rid of humans, dogs and pigeons.

Fiona many times hides those gnomes and tells her great great great great great great aunt that aliens captured them.

Growler too doesn't like those gnomes because he many times pees on them.

Coop broke these gnomes many times, and after that, Coop and Burt have to fix them.



  • Sir Scrachor.
  • TonTonles.

Episode known

Appearance matched

Unmatched names

At the end of King of the Pipsqueaks Munson lists several gnome names though it is not clear which appearances they match up with, in this order:

  • Admiral Passionflower.
  • Baron von Kissylips.
  • Archduke Whoopsydaisy.
  • Alderman Heyhey.
  • Chancellor Woahwoah.
  • indiscernible name (not Namby or Twiggy, they were mentioned first)


There are nine gnome names from episodes Let the Games Begin and King of the Pipsqueaks.

Munson has over fifty gnomes on her front and back yards, so there are some not named.

The living gnomes and their boat are eaten by a fish, their fate is unknown.

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