Old Lady Munson has many different garden gnomes. In one episode called King of the Pipsqueaks, Her gnomes were alive thanks to the lighting from Kat's Electricity Collector that night and decided that Coop will be their new King because he had cone stuck on his head. Those gnomes wanted to invade earth so they could get rid of humans, dogs and pigeons. Coop, Dennis and Kat stopped them by using pigeons to chase them out of Old Lady Munson's House and away from Bootsville but then Old Lady Munson takes them to buy the same gnomes again. Later The Evil Gnomes were seen sailing on a boat to conquer more worlds until Bongo Boingo swallows them up at the end of the episode.

Fiona many times hides those gnomes and tells her great great great great great great aunt that aliens captured them. Growler too doesn't like those gnomes because he many times pee's on them. Coop break those gnomes many times, and after that, Coop and Burt have to fix those broken gnomes.

Gnome Names

  • Captain Namby Doodle (he is OLM 's favourite gnome)
    Gnome Village

    Living Garden Gnomes built small village.

  • Twigy Wingle
  • Kissy lips
  • Archwoopsy Daisy
  • Ornament HeHe
  • Chancellor WooWoo
  • Sir Scrachor
  • TonTonles
  • Kernalcarpetstink
There are nine gnome names from episodes Let the Games Begin and King of the Pipsqueaks. Old lady Munson's has maybe over fifty gnomes on her front and back yard's, so we don't know many names.
Gnome 1

Namby Doodle.

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