Michelle with Dennis in Kat of Diamonds
Dennis and Estelle
Full name

Estelle ? (surname not known if it exists)

First appearance

It's a Rocket, Man


"No, I been watching to you over the first grade, Dennis".

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Last appearance

Coop D'Etat

Estelle is a girl with glasses in Kid vs Kat. She becomes a love interest for Dennis.


She's 11 years old too and has been sitting behind Dennis all the time since the 1st grade in Science class. Her first official appearance was in "Kat of Diamonds" in the second season, but she appeared in other episodes of the series over the first season as a background character and has appeared in the classroom, the streets, or one of all that girls who laugh at the "weird" things that Coop does.

In Bringin' The Heat where Burt showed a film about his childhood a girl who looks like Estelle appears. Possible explanations:

  • Estelle's mom looks like her as a kid
  • Estelle is a time traveler. (latter less likely)


She has brown, long and straight hair, with black glasses (like Millie), a rose-red shirt and a dark red skirt, with school shoes and a white skin tone.


  • She is the fourth person in the city who knows about Kat being evil.
  • At the last part of the episode, she saves Dennis from a Kat's attack
  • She feels ignored by Dennis.
  • Her dressing style is like Millie's style but without the bow.
  • She becomes friends with Fiona in the episode Kat of Diamonds.
  • She is regularly featured in backgrounds and groups
  • Some fans believe she has a crush on Dennis.

Season 1 appearances

Short: Run Coop Run

released 8 May 2010

Episode 18: Dire Education

released 6 June 2009

Episode 24: Bend It Like Burtonburger

Episode 26: It's a Rocket, Man

She sits behind Coop in the science class. It is actually the Turtle girl who sits directly behind Dennis.

Cheeks of Evil

Where 2 of her are seen

Season 2 appearances

Episode 32: Rhymes with Coop

Playing volleyball with a Blasteroid fangirl as her mom relaxes under an umbrella.

Episode 33: Bringin the Heat

Either she does not age or she can travel through time or there are doppelgangers.

She is even seen later in the episode at the pool party Phoebe was having.

Episode 34: Kat to the Future

Episode 37: Swap Wrecked

The second female is shown in competition, operating a mallet robot

Episode 39: You Kat See Me

Seen in Coop's class when he says Kat shredded his homework. Laughs at him.

Episode 42: Turn The Other Cheeks

She is in Mr. Gerber's class when he flips over Mr. Cheeks' research thinking it Lorne's homework, and then at Space Voyager Camp where she is a cadet like Coop and Dennis.

Episode 46: Hot Dog Day

She is part of the singers at the start.

Episode 48: You Scream, I Scream

A tree branch falls on her and two boys when Coop and Dennis smash into it while being pulled by a rope tethered to a motorcycle.

Episode 49: Kat of Diamonds

Episode 50: Coop D'Etat

When the Woman scientist puts kids asleep, she is shown multiple times in the audience:

  • a version wearing a green hat is seen in the back row to the left of the Brunette cheerleader (second from right) and in the third row from the front (far left, her right side is clear)
  • a version without a hat and with orange hair instead of brown is in the second row from the back (in front of Millie) and the second row from the front (behind the black girl in the front row)

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