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Dennis and Estelle
Full name



"No, I been watching to you over the first grade, Dennis".

Played by

Katie Crown

Last appearance

Coop D'Etat

Estelle is a girl.

She's 11 years old too and has been sitting behind Dennis all the time since the 1st grade in Science class. Her first official appearence was in "Kat of Diamonds" in the second season, but she appeared in other episodes of the series over the first season as a background character, and has appeared in the classroom, the streets, or one of all that girls who laughs at the "weird" things that Coop does. Weirdest appearance is in Bringin' The Heat where Burt showes a film about his childhood where we saw Estelle. So she was kid about 25 years ago!.


She has brown, long and straight hair, with black glasses (like Millie), a rose red shirt and a dark red skirt, with school shoes and a white skin tone.


  • She is the fourth person in the city who knows about Kat being evil. At the last part of the episode, she saves Dennis from a Kat's attack, but she feels ignored by Dennis.
  • Nobody knows about her family.
  • Her dressing style is like the Millie's style, but without the bow.
  • She becomes friends with Fiona.
  • She is constently hidden in backgrounds and groups

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