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18-2 - Dire Education
Season №: 1
Season episode №: 16B
Overall episode №: 31
Prod. no. 118
Original airdate: June 6, 2009
Director Rob Boutilier, Josh Mepham
Written by Steven Wright
Storyboard: Clio Chang
Animation: Kevin Long, Tony Cliff
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"Dire Education" is the 16th episode of Kid vs. Kat and the 16th episode of Season 1. It aired on June 6, 2009 after Something Fishy In Owl Lake.

Plot Summary

Dad comes to school to shadow the kids on Parents' Day; After Millie puts him through a demeaning Show and Tell display, Kat escapes and takes out his frustration on Coop, but this time Kat's on Coop's turf.

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