pointing at himself
Full name

Dennis Lawrence ... Chan?

First appearance

Night Of The Zombie Kat

Played by

Cathy Weseluck (English)
Shintaro Ohata (Japanese)

Last appearance

The Kat Went Back Part Two

Dennis is Coop's 10 year old Asian-Canadian best friend and the main deuteragonist of the series. They used to hang out and defeat Kat together and his one of Coop's neighbors. His father's name is Henry. He lives with his high-tech family and lots of future technology.


  • He can whistle
  • He seems to be smarter than Coop, especially in scientific fields
  • Able to eat cat food and use a litter box to better know the enemy (When Bad Dogs Go Big)
  • He is strong enough to support Coop's weight with his upper body for over 15 seconds (and even walk while doing so, though he begins to wobble) in Turn The Other Cheeks when Coop sits on his head (Dennis holds his legs) to converse with Lorne and Harl who are standing on stools. Even when straight his arm length is less than the height of his head.


He and Coop are described as "two ten year olds" in a season 1 episode and celebrate birthdays in season 2.

He may be born July 27, source needed.


Dennis has black hair and black eyes but unlike his father, he does not have an Asian accent.

His hair has a tuft at the back similar to Coop but is less tall and voluminous, resulting in him appearing shorter.

Each hand has 1 thumb plus 3 fingers, though in Kat to the Future his altered-timeline self grows a 4th finger on one hand, which upsets him.


  • His last name may be Chan, source needed.
  • Dennis sadly laments that his middle name is Lawrence in Swap Wrecked after Lorne and Harley reveal theirs as Carnage and Doomsday
  • 13 February 2011 Rob Boutilier said that in the scripts, Dennis' last name was Lu, based on animation director Denny Lu, but that that surname was not legally cleared for broadcast so Dennis had no last name at that point.
    • This is probably why Henry had the initials HL on his suit in season 1.
  • In Turn The Other Cheeks when returning from Space Voyager Camp when Coop is glad they get to keep their jumpsuits (which were earlier mentioned to have their names on them) Dennis pulls on his left sleeve to inspect s white tag on the upper arm and complains "too bad mine says Denise". Coop's tag was on his right arm.


In the "missions" against Kat, Dennis is always that only one who has a plan. Others just use the "Smash and Destroy" tactic. In the last episode of Kid vs Kat, his memory is not lost.

  • In his spare time he enters a secret room of his research room where the rare cases that have happened long ago.
  • In some episodes Dennis can show both ingenious and at the same time naive.
  • He's a fan of the series called "Captain Blasteroid", like Coop.



Dennis and Coop's Birthdays are one day away from each other and they always wish for the same presents. They have been friends since preschool, Dennis is the only one who belives Coop about Kat, but he also believed Coop in preschool when Coop said that pigeons flew in threw the window and drank all of Dennis's chocolate milk while he was going to the bathroom.


In Beware The Were-Coop Dennis is looking in a monster book and says that Kat could not be a mummy-cat (though he does not specify why he thinks that) but that he could be a vampire-cat, since he has fangs.

Coop chides that the previous week, Dennis thought he was a leprechaun-cat. Dennis defensively maintains that it was a reasonable theory.

After Coop walks off, Dennis wonders aloud to himself if Kat might be a hydra-cat. He temporarily dismisses this, saying Kat only has 1 head, but then questions this assumption.

When Coop says Kat is drawing power from the moon, he then declares Kat must be a were-cat.

In later episodes Dennis appears to agree with Coop about Kat being an alien.


A girl named Estelle fell in love with Dennis in Kat of Diamonds.


In Birthday Bashed, when Phoebe wanted Coop's attention, she ends up drawing Dennis' attention. This might be because Dennis has a little crush on Phoebe.

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  • He is the 2nd shown to find out that Kat is an alien, after Coop and before Fiona
  • In the title sequence he is squirt with a hose by Coop.
  • His father and Coop's father argue a lot.
  • Dennis is know to be Coop's accomplish on Kat Nebula, since he helps Coop to stop Kat's plans to take over the Earth.
  • Presumably, Dennis had a birthday like Coop, as seen in the episode "Birthday Bashed", as their birthdays are only a day apart, on the other hand, the series does not emphasize the maturation of the characters.
  • for now he's the only who have never lost his memory neither one time
  • He and Coop take after their fathers
  • He and coop are the only ones left that remember Mr. Kat is an alien after kat erased the memories of Harley , Lorne , Fiona and Millie.

He dressed feminine:

  1. Once when Kat dressed him like Millie. ("Tickled Pink").
  2. Dressed like a Hawaiian girl. ("Cheeks Of Evil") with coop
  3. Like a blonde girl in a suit with a shepherd. ("Tickled Pink").
  4. Dressed like a cheerleader. ("Trash Talking")
  • painted nails
  • fixed hair

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