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Dennis' mom is the mother of Dennis and wife of Henry. Little is known of her, since she appears in few episodes in person.

She is seen in a picture in the season 1 episode Teed Off.

She is so strict that is Henry fears to play golf in front of her. She probably hates golf and might be Chinese-Canadian.

She appeared as person in Storm Drained where she was painting Henry for the baseball game and in Hair Brains, where she has appeared after Dennis filled the house with plastic.

In Beware The Were-Coop, Dennis gets silver spoons that belonged to her.

In Trick or Threat, he mentions his mom uses staplers for emergencies.

In Down the Creek when Munson says "we're just taking the scenic route" Dennis says his dad says that when mom tells him to stop for directions.

In Hair Brains, she and Henry are rescued from under plastic Dennis wrapped the room in, preparing for alien quarantine.


She wears green rimmed glasses and has chin-length black hair.


Her voice actress is not known. Although she has no known lines, she does make a gasping noise distinct from Henry's in Hair Brains which could be credited to someone.


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