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  • Even though Phoebe appears in this episode, and at the same field trip as Coop, she never bothers or even talks to him. This could be because she chose not to bother him for a while as a reward for saving her life in the House of Scream, the previous episode.
  • Phoebe quickly gets suspicious when Millie sets off the metal detector when entering the museum (because of Kat's collar), because Millie says that it must be her bracelet, even though she's wearing the same one as her. She later spots Kat running through the museum, and gives Millie an annoyed look when Millie says nervously, " Don't be silly! What would a cat be doing in a museum? "
  • The Pharoah from the legend of Tutankitty was in a very similar situation to Coop (and even resembled him), with his sister resembling Millie and protecting Tutankitty, who was a lot like Kat. When Millie brags to Phoebe about being a lot like the Princess, Phoebe says jealously that it doesn't make her any better than her.
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