Captain Blasteroid
Captain Blasteroid
Captain Blasteroid's bare face
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Captain Blasteroid

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Outer Space Case



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Blasteroid Blues

Captain Blasteroid is the Hero from Coop and Dennis' favorite TV show. Coop frequently wants his dad Burt to buy him everything Captain Blasteroid related, like the bubble-helmet. He plays a big role in Blasteroid Blues.

He makes a secret visit in person to Old Lady Munson in Outer Space Case. Coop and Dennis needed to know why he see her until it was revealed to be her nephew. The Boys finally get to meet him in person although Millie and Kat were invited to Old Lady Munson's house for tea. He plans on showing his new movie, Millie was excited because she can spoiler it for Coop making her evil.


Captain is normally a military rank. It is unclear if that is the case here or if Captain is actually his forename.

Blasteroid is a portmanteau of "blaster" and "asteroid".

Closed captions often mistakenly tell the deaf it is spelled "Blastoid".

TV guide descriptions also mistakenly abbreviate it as "Blasto".



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