Burtonburger's House

The Burtonburger's House is where most of the action on Kid vs. Kat takes place. Coop, Millie and Burt live here.

Not much to say; this is nothing more than a normal, three story house. Some places worth mentioning are the living room, kitchen, Coop's room, Millie's room, Burt's room, the basement, the backyard, Burt's working room, the shed and Kat's room (which is inside Millie's room).

Coop spends most of his time in his room, playing video games and foiling Kat's evil plans; Millie is usually seen around the house at times but most of the time she can be seen with Kat in her room. Burt is also usually roaming somewhere around the house, whether he's making vegetable smoothies or paying off bills for garden gnomes and drywall, he can be seen somewhere in the house. For the most part, Kat will either be in Millie's room, sleeping somewhere in the house, or down in the basement with his hidden stash of Fishy Frisky Bits. Occasionally, he can be found in the laundry room, working on some inventions or making blueprints on a chalkboard. The unknown door where Coop is making his ping pong record, could be the back door of the houseThere also a tree with a tire swing set. Coop went on it.


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Living room

Unknown Areas

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