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Burt Burtonburger (Rat)
Burt Burtonburger (Rat)
Burt as a rat
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Burt Burtonburger

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Rat a phooey

Burt Burtonburger is turned into a rat by Kat, in the season two episode Rat a phooey.In the episode, he get's hit by Kat's laser, then goes though four stages:

  • He starts to love cheese, cheese drinks, cheese pizza, and cheese on toast.
  • Is found in the living room in a pile of newspapers.
  • Is suddenly scared of Kat.
  • He transforms into a rat in the car.
  • Coop and Dennis are accused of driving the car because Burt became a rat. He can't drive the car.


  • He still wears glasses as a rat.
  • He do not know how drive a car when he was a rat.

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