The descriptor brunette cheerleader refers to a non-named recurring background character once seen among a group of 3 cheerleaders. They were Charlene (who also has brown hair) and a red-haired girl called turtle girl on this wiki based on the pet she is observed with.


She usually wears a yellow shirt.

Season 1

Blasteroid Blues

Kat Whisperer

She is in the crowd outside Coop's house.

Trick or Threat

She is dressed as a cat and gets candy from Burt.

Season 2

Kat to the Future Part 1

She is on the right of the image, to the Turtle girl's left and above Coop.

Coop D'Etat

In class she is sitting to Estelle's right, on the lower-left portion of the screen.

Rhymes with Coop

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