Bruiser is a dog first seen in the episode In Dog We Trust. "Coop's pet" and a menace to Kat. It was named for its huge size. Coop persuaded Dad to let him keep the dog without a tantrum and he accepted only if he can't find the owner and prove he's responible. Then, Coop was only playing with the dog, while it chased Kat, always. When Dad knew that Coop was not finding the owner of the dog, and Kat fell behind the search for the owner. When Millie was playing with Coop and the dog, They were just training when Kat got to know about the owner and the whistle power. At night, Kat takes Coop's whistle and trained Bruiser, and made him a "Menace", at the final Kat dialled the number and showed it to Burt and when he left, Kat was very happy.

Actions by Bruiser

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