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30-1 - Blasteroid Blues
Season №: 2
Season episode №: 4A
Overall episode №: 59
Prod. no. 204
Original airdate: October 2, 2010
Director Craig McCracken
Tom Ruegger
Written by Lienne Sawatsky & Dan Williams
Storyboard: James Wootton
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Kat Kommander gets scared of Captain Blasteroid, and orders a big laser gun to destroy Massive Mart, so Coop must stop the destruction of Massive Mart.

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They made a mistake and made the girls wear the Captain Blasteroid shirts before they saw Coop. When that happened, the big laser gun appears. Coop tries to tell everyone that the giant laser is a real alien structure, but the Blasteroid fans geuss Coop is lying, and they think it is an inflatable model instead. Coop's dad, meanwhile, is sent along with Kat and Millie by the officers. Kat sees the laser structure, and he gets all jumpy and excited because he remembers how this happened. The alien laser structure, however, had some flaws. The laser went very slow, and when it almost shot at Massive Mart, Dennis helps Coop fly to the laser gun and stop the laser. He flies with some soda, and he finally stops the laser. Meanwhile with Kat Kommander, he is terrified and thinks Coop is Captain Blasteroid. Coop saved the day! Kat forgot to answer his collar when Kat Kommander before the destruction began. At home, Kat rings his collar and hear his boss meowing in anger causing him to hide it under Millie's bed and he carefully sneaks out of the room before he shuts the door.

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